Colon Hydrotherapy – What’s it Like?

If you’ve been curious about colonics but nervous about the procedure, read on. We’ve interviewed five local colon hydrotherapists who tell us that the practice is safe and even relaxing.

“We explain everything about the procedure to the first timer so they know what to expect,” says Tovah Finman-Nahman, owner of Lifeline Hygienics, “and to alleviate any anxiety or misconceptions regarding colonics.” According to Tovah, people who have never had a colonic are usually surprised to learn that it doesn’t hurt and can even be a relaxing experience. “Everything about our office is designed to be relaxing and calming, Tovah adds, “from the decor, to the furniture, the pictures on the wall and the music.”

Sandy Santucci, owner of Spatucci, also seeks to reassure clients. “Our hydrotherapist is highly trained to educate you prior to your colonic,” Sandy says, “and to help address any of your concerns or fears.” At Spatuccis, clients are treated with professional care and confidentiality in rooms designed for comfort and tranquility.

Education and comfort are priorities mentioned by all of the hydrotherapists that we interviewed. At Whole Body Medicine, clients relax to soothing music and the scent of aromatherapy oils during the procedure, or even watch a favorite television show. At the end of the session, many say they look forward to their next visit.

In fact, people are usually surprised by how good they feel after a colonic, says Jacqueline of Colonics By Jacquelyn. Part of that may be due to an added benefit. “My clients have reported—right after the colonic—being two to eight pounds lighter and losing inches,” says Jacqueline. “One half inch to six and a quarter inches can come off the biggest part of the belly,” she adds, “and their skin is glowing.” Colonics By Jacquelyn provides colonics in a private, clean, spa-like setting where a medical intuitive is also available for those interested in learning about the root causes of their physical ailments.

And in case you were wondering, safety is taken very seriously by reputable hydrotherapists. Sauca Colon Hydrotherapy Center in the Bronx assured us they are FDA registered and use disposable single-use rectal tubes, or speculae, for sterility. The facility also uses temperature-controlled water mixing and back flow prevention valves, along with pressure and temperature sensors, and built-in chemical sanitizing units.

Colonics By Jacquelyn, Northern Westchester. Info: 914.737.0646;

Lifeline Hygienics: 914.921.5433.

Sauca Colon Hydrotherapy Center, Bronx. Info: 718.759.6357;

Spatucci, Mohegan Lake. Info: 914.528.1140;

Whole Body Medicine, Fairfield County. Info: 203.371.8258;

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