Tibetan Healing Mandala Buddhist Energy Medicine

Lama Lobsang PaldenTibetan meditation and healing techniques can help us move through a healing crisis with wisdom and grace. Lama Lobsang Palden’s Saturday, May 1 workshop at the Redding Meditation Society will focus on traditional holistic healing and the Medicine Buddha. Participants will receive a karma purification and blessing ceremony, and Lama will give instructions on how to perform the Tibetan Buddhist ritual of Medicine Buddha. Lama Lobsang, whose experience as a traditional healer began many years ago in Tibet, will demonstrate Tibetan energy medicine, using mantras, instruments, crystals, and pranic healing. Workshop participants will practice these techniques in group healing sessions. Lama, a yoga master, will give instruction on Tsalung: the Cleansing Breath of Tibetan Yantra Yoga. He will teach yoga mudras and breathing exercises for self-healing, stress relief, and relaxation. These practices open the channels and balance the chakras, permitting more free-flowing energy. Lama Lobsang Palden was recognized as a reincarnated Lama as a boy in Tibet and trained at Amdo Tashi Kyil Monastery.

The Redding Meditation Society is at 9 Picketts Ridge Rd., West Redding, CT. Workshop hours are 1 to 6 p.m. Fee:  $135 including Medicine Buddha practice book and Tsalung DVD. To register visit BlueBeryl.org. Instructor Information: LamaLobsang.com. Workshop Information: Robert MacDonald, ihw4u@aol.com. Directions: ReddingMeditationSociety.org.

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