Better School Food Gives the School Food Update for Westchester, NY

Here is Westchester, Dr. Susan Rubin of Better School Food says that many parents have organized for better food in their districts over the past decade, but many of them have given up. “They’ve hit stumbling blocks in school bureaucracy or been frustrated with the slow pace of change,” says Rubin. “Thanks to Jamie Oliver and Michelle Obama, who are doing so much to increase the visibility of this issue, now is the time to get back involved!”

Rubin adds that school gardens are great ways to raise the Food IQ among children. If your school doesn’t already have a garden, Rubin recommends working with community members to start one. She also says that parents should encourage school employees and administrators to watch Jamie Oliver’s show, and she wants parents to sit down and eat lunch in the schools. “Menus don’t tell the whole story,” Rubin says. “Ask questions. Find out the ingredients and know what your children are eating. Find an ally within your child’s school. It could be a school nurse, a science teacher or an environmental club. Building numbers of like-minded parents is the most effective strategy for creating meaningful change in school food.”

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