Taxes and…Laughter? Financial Planner hosts Laughter Club

Myra BadolatoTax and Financial Planner Myra Badolato, is now hosting a Laughter Club at her office on alternate Mondays. Myra, who’s been consulting and supporting her clients for more than seventeen years, knows that taxes and finances can be the most difficult and stressful areas of a person’s life, including her own. Inspired by a workshop given by Dr. Wellbeing at a recent Westchester Holistic Networking meeting, Myra decided to host a Laughter Club meeting every other week in her office. Her own personal daily routine consists of meditation, five minutes of laughter in her car, and trying to stay in the present moment as often as she can. Myra believes that laughter is one of the many tools a person can enjoy to stay healthy and have lots of fun in life. There is a $13 fee to join the group, and the money is donated to charity.

Reservations are required to participate in the group, as space is limited. Contact Myra Badolato at 203.661.1153 or or visit, to learn about her tax and financial planning services.

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