Holistic Childbirth Classes Starting in Katonah, NY

Annemarie Martel

Annemarie Martel

Annemarie Martel has begun offering childbirth classes at the New World Chiropractic Center in Katonah, NY. A licensed massage therapist, energetic healer, meditation teacher and mother of four, Martel recently expanded her practice by undergoing a Doula certification program and a Lamaze course. “I am passionate about pregnancy and childbirth,” she says. “Those are special moments in our lives which shape how we feel about ourselves, our partners and our children. How would the process look for each of us if we could let go of the fear of the unknown and trust in our bodies, our choices, and ourselves?”

Martel offers these classes in partnership with Dr. Christine Vlachos, who owns the chiropractic center. Dr. Vlachos is offering a free gentle touch chiropractic adjustment for registered couples as a way of providing additional holistic support during this precious time.

Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9 p.m. for six consecutive weeks. In addition, Ms. Martel offers weekend classes. For more information, contact her at 914.482.2860.

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