Dhammakaya Meditation Classes with Robert Mawson Now at Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy and Healing Arts Center in Hastings on Hudson, NY

Robert Mawson

Robert Mawson has taught meditation to thousands of people around the world, including international civil servants and diplomats at the United Nations. He teaches meditation as a tool to activate the power of one’s natural healing force and overcome pain and suffering. Robert, who suffered a great deal of pain in his life due to physical ailments, credits his deep meditation practice with his own survival and quality of life. When Robert needed a heart transplant seven years ago, television’s Dr. Mehmet Oz asked to perform the operation, which was filmed on the Discovery Channel, to see if Robert’s meditation practice would make a difference in his recovery and survival. According to the reports, it did.

Robert is one of only two westerners certified to teach an advanced form of Buddhist meditation. This summer, he will teach an ongoing meditation class at Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy and Healing Arts Center in Hastings on Hudson, NY. The Monday night class, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., begins July 12.

Learn more about Robert Mawson, Clinical Nutritional Consultant, and his work with children, disease prevention and meditation at HumanBodyworks.com.  Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy and Healing Arts Center is located at 32 Main Street, Hastings on Hudson, NY.  Robert’s Monday evening meditation class costs $15 per class. For more information, call 917.445.1767.

3 Responses

  1. I’m interested. Thank you.

  2. Interesting article. Meditation is indeed beneficial. Thanks!

  3. This article can really inspire people to practice and master meditation. Teaching meditation to others is really fulfilling.

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