Speaking in Public with Authenticity


Once upon a time, says coach Saskia, healers healed, lawyers argued, dancers danced, and therapists listened. Now, they are also called upon to speak publicly in meetings, networking events, and marketing and self-promotion activities needed to maintain a successful business. Saskia, who knows that public speaking does not come naturally to most (ranking as the number one fear for many Americans), has helped people over this hurdle for 30 years.

Known by her clients as the Keynote Coach, Saskia began in the corporate world before moving to the Performing Arts and Healing Arts arenas. She says that finding one’s own voice is the first step in feeling at ease in front of a group. “You bring not just your remarks to the podium, you bring your life,” says Saskia. “When your words are authentic, when your heart is open, you shine. No one can shine for you—it’s an inside job!”

Saskia’ clients have worked in the White House, written Broadway plays, and run global corporations. Her book, More Than Words Can Say: The Making of Inspired Speakers details the lessons of her dynamic coaching career.

For more on Saskia visit TheKeynoteCoach.com.

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