Transformational Women’s Empowerment Weekend July 31 & August 1 with Jennifer Magnan-McLeod

Jennifer Magnan-McLeod

Jennifer Magnan-McLeod is in the business of transformation, and Lifedesigning is her transformational coaching process. On July 31 and August 1, Jennifer will bring her coaching skills to the Wainwright House in Rye, NY as she leads a Women’s Empowerment weekend.

Jennifer is certified in Transformational Life Coaching by Coaching that Works, an intensive, cutting-edge, program at the New York Open Center. She’s also certified in Success Coaching, and she’s completing a course with Tony Robbins and psychotherapist Cloe Madanes for a certification in Strategic Intervention and Marriage Education. Jennifer delivers talks and workshops on topics like “Starting Over” and “Creating a Life by Design not by Default,” and she includes Reiki and the Emotional Freedom Technique in her client toolkit. Jennifer works from the premise that a person’s beliefs create the conditions of their life, and she believes that everyone is currently involved in a great shift and call to awaken.

“We must wake up and become consciously active in the creation of our lives,” says Jennifer. “We must decide now that we will settle for nothing less than a life filled with joy, passion, love and happiness. It is our birthright, our choice, and our duty to our children and the sacred planet that we live on.”

For a complimentary consultation with Jennifer Magnan-McLeod or to learn more about her Woman’s Empowerment weekend at Wainwright House, call 914.772.4078 or write to

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