Healthy Summer Treats abound at o2 Living’s Live Food Café

Chef Tom Donnelly at o2 living

With summer now in full bloom, Chef Tom Donnelly at o2 Living’s Live Food Cafe has some tasty and interesting new items on the menu. One plate that’s getting rave reviews is a watermelon beet salad with ginger and black sesame seed, topped with micro celery. The vibrant turquoise color jumps off the plate as the flavors jump in to the mouth. It is lightly dressed with lime juice, ginger, shallots, organic extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan salt. There is a fine carrot brunoise as well, and the micro celery gives a slight earthy flavor. The salad is complete with a refreshing burst of watermelon to quench every palate on a hot day.

Another summer offering is the celery root and Jicama salad with a chive, pomegranate vinaigrette. For the vinaigrette, Chef Tom places minced shallots in a bowl with pomegranate juice, apple cider vinegar and dulse (sea vegetables). While this marinades, the Jicama and the celery root are cut into matchstick-sized pieces. This allows more ruby red coloring to brighten the surface area of the white vegetables and provides for a greater absorption of all chive and dulse flavors. House-grown sunflower sprouts finish off this salad to give it extra crunch and create a bright, uplifting energy.

According to Chef Tom, the key to making flavorful and exciting dishes is simple. Start with beautiful, pure foods and keep it simple. Spend the extra time with family and friends, and enjoy what the local farmers markets have to offer.

In additional to a fantastic menu, o2 Living offers three-, five- and seven-day juice cleanses to remove toxins stored in the body from winter.  The bounty of delicious drinks available during the cleanse can jump start a healthy summer.

o2 living is located in Yellow Monkey Village, 792 Route 35, Cross River, NY. For more information call 914.763.6320 or visit

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