Green Cleaning for a Sound Earth

Ann LaGoy and friend

Ann LaGoy and friend

Eleven years ago, Ann LaGoy says she didn’t know green from brown. Her idea of recycling was returning bottles for a nickel, and she combined errands only because she didn’t want to pay for the extra gas. All of that changed in 1999, when Ann was motivated to change her ways after she suffered an acute poisoning by chloromine gas, a toxic and potentially fatal mixture of chlorine bleach and ammonia. Ann began researching the repercussions of using harsh chemical cleaning products in her housecleaning service. This led her to develop the Sound Earth line of products, which are all natural and cruelty free, and discover a new, healthier, way of life.

Sound Earth, now a thriving company, wants to hear your inspiring story of waking up to healthier living. Visit their website at by July 30 to submit stories and receive a chance to win free Sound Earth products for 6 months. Ann and her staff will pick the story that inspires them the most and announce the winner on their web site and social networking sites on August 13, 2010.

Sound Earth, manufactures its line of products in Fishkill, NY. Visit them at

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