Reduce Stress With New Biofeedback Training Using Your Laptop

Dr. Mark Sirkin

Dr. Mark Sirkin is expanding his hypnotherapy practice to include limited biofeedback training. Biofeedback is the use of special technology to “see” one’s own physiological reactions and use that information to train the body to control its responses. Although there are a number of reasons to use biofeedback, the most common is to reduce stress. Learning to master stress is probably one of the most effective things people can do to improve overall health.

Typically, biofeedback equipment can help train the mind and body to relax, slow the heart rate, and realign. Unlike other healing methods such as hypnosis and meditation, biofeedback can actually confirm that a state of relaxation is achieved using specific tools. Biofeedback training enables people to use these tools to attain healthier states.

The newest biofeedback technology allows people to use a laptop computer to engage in interactive exercises and games for mind-body training. Not only will people be able to practice relaxation and focusing techniques, they will see the results of their efforts in “real time,” learn what is working, and improve their technique.

Dr. Sirkin will present a free workshop, “Mental Mastery: New Approaches to Managing Stress using Biofeedback, Hypnosis, and other Methods,” on Monday July 12 from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Full Circle Family Care, 1241 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY. Call 914.421.1500 or visit him at

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