A New Look at Birth Order

Melanie Barnum

Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler theorized that birth order plays a significant role in determining personality because people learn to behave or react to situations from a very young age. Melanie Barnum, Certified Hypnotist, Hypno Coach and Intuitive, has created a new program to help people change or overcome personality traits that no longer suit them. “More Than Your Birth Order!” combines hypnosis, coaching, intuitive reading and behavior analysis in its approach. Melanie says that identifying characteristics common to one’s birth order can help to fulfill needs and desires in positive ways.

According to Melanie, “This new program can be used to formulate or enhance constructive relationships and family interactions, as well as improve career aptitude, workplace relationships, and more.” Learning how to become more than one’s birth order reduces stress and improves overall health, says Melanie, creating a more confident, empowered and relaxed person.

To schedule an appointment with Melanie Barnum, call 203.451.0914, visit MelanieBarnum.com or email Melanie@MelanieBarnum.com.  Melanie is located at Center for Healing, 77 Danbury Road, Ridgefield, CT.

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