Free Shamanic Healing Clinic Open this Summer, 2010 in Ramsey, NJ

Shamanic Healing Center

Life Winds Shamanic Healing Center is celebrating its grand opening by running an open clinic throughout the summer. People wishing to receive a session can reserve one at no charge. All who receive a healing are asked to donate or offer whatever they feel their session has been worth to them–whether right after the session or once the healing has been integrated into their lives. This allows for an exchange of energy.

The center’s practices are based on shamanism, an ancient healing modality that’s been practiced for thousands of years. Shamans believe that each person has two bodies: a spiritual body and a physical one. When the spiritual body is out of balance, a person is likely to attract similarly unbalanced events, conditions or persons to their lives. Balance can be regained through Illumination, the core practice at the center, which is based on ancient Incan traditions. One session can release stress that has built up over a long period of time or from a single, traumatic incident. The sessions are also available to anyone who wishes to work on deeper issues affecting their lives.

For more information, contact Scott Bishop at 201.664.2232 or or visit Life Winds Shamanic Healing Center is located three miles south of Route 87/287 in Ramsey, NJ, a 35 minute drive from downtown White Plains.

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