New Westchester Center for Holistic Families

Geri Brewster

Geri Brewster and Dr. Stephen Cowan have decades of combined experience in Integrative and Holistic Nutrition and Medicine. Now, they have combined their practices and opened the Westchester Center for Holistic Families in Mt. Kisco. The center will offer supportive therapies to families for achieving optimum health and well-being. This includes nutritional therapy, integrative medicine principles and acupuncture.

As scientific studies point to environmental toxins as factors in a growing number of physical and developmental disorders in children, many families are looking to alternative therapies for help. Pesticides, plastic residues, organic solvents, heavy metals, dioxin and petroleum by-products are a few of the highly neuro-toxic chemical sources that pollute the bodies of adults. These adults may later bring forth infants whose bodies are overburdened with these substances and unable to clear them. The Westchester Center for Holistic Families offers individualized diet therapy, including advice on meal shopping, food preparation and nutrition support to optimize well-being for the whole family.

The Westchester Center for Holistic Families, Geri Brewster, RD,MPH,CDN/ Stephen Cowan, MD, FAAP is  located at 491 Lexington Ave. in Mount Kisco, NY. For more information, call 914.864.1976.

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