New Personal Trainer for Lower Westchester

Chris Kehoe, personal trainer for people of all fitness levels

Chris Kehoe wants everyone to know how much better life can be, both physically and mentally, with a consistent physical fitness program in place. Chris has worked with teens, adults in their 70s, and those in between, helping them to lose weight, gain strength, increase cardiovascular health, coordination and balance, improve core strength and develop nutrition programs. Chris designs fitness and nutritional programs based on a client’s current fitness level, taking into consideration any limitations that they may have to help them achieve their fitness goals. He offers several personal training packages depending on these goals, and meets with clients in their homes, office facilities or gym. Chris is also available to work with small groups, usually two to four people at a time, depending on his schedule.

For more information and to book a personal training package, call Chris at 917.560.6823 or visit Chris Kehoe lives in Scarsdale and works out of various locations such as Empire Fitness Gym in Ardsley, Omni Fitness in Pelham and a studio in New Rochelle.

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