New Product for Do-It-Yourself Reflexology

Acupoint Mat

Irina Ionina, a Westchester massage therapist and skin care instructor, has been using an Acupoint Mat for 15 years to help relieve back pain. Now, she is excited to share this product with consumers as director of Irion, Inc., of Tarrytown, NY. Imported from Russia, each Acupoint mat has over 1600 active points, spread over a surface area of approx 230 square inches to stimulate strategic reflex points in the body. The mat can be used on the feet, hands, back, shoulders and neck. The Acupoint Mat is already widely used throughout Russia and Eastern Europe as a device for improving the health, energy balance and well-being of a human body. Approximately the cost of one reflexology treatment, the Acupoint Mat provides the means to have a do-it-yourself treatment every day.

Wholesale opportunities are available for health care professionals such as physical therapists, massage therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors, personal trainers, chiropractors and retail health stores. IRION Inc. is located at 19 LeGrande Ave., Ste. 2 in Tarrytown, NY. For more information call 914.909.2865 or email

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