Beat the Heat and Have Family Fun at Citibabes in Scarsdale

Natasha, 5 years old, enjoys a Citibabes class

The village of Scarsdale is home to a dynamic family club that offers classes and activities for the whole family. Citibabes also features a café, indoor playground and preschool program. The club’s philosophy focuses on education as exploration, with signature arts-based classes like Paint and Play, Think Tank and CitiSongs, in which children are encouraged to get messy, move freely to the beat and explore the world around them in a safe, structured, fun environment. There’s also a summer concert series and a CitiScavenger Hunt this fall to create opportunities for children and parents to partake in entertaining activities all with an educational twist.

Citibabes-to-Go is the mobile branch of the club, bringing signature classes to homes and birthday parties. Current offerings in Scarsdale include a weekly Backyard Adventure Lab for children 3 and up, and the Make Sense! sensory play group for toddlers. Families can also join the conversation on CitiScoop, a blog featuring “How-To” videos with at-home enrichment activities like “Painting with Household Objects” and “How to Make Play Dough.”  Right now, Citibabes is offering a “Summer on Us” membership in which new members receive summer months free and a preferred annual membership rate.

For more information and a 3-day trial pass, please contact or visit

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