Shamanic Training and Healing Circle with Eileen O’Hare Begins in September, 2010

Eileen O’Hare

Eileen O’Hare is a legacy carrier in the shamanic tradition of the Andes. She has a private healing practice in Beacon, NY and in New York City. Every September, Eileen begins a shamanic training inspired by the principals, practices and sacred transmissions of The Q’ero Nation in Peru. It’s called the Mesayok Medicine Spiral, and it takes place in circles one Saturday a month for 16 months. Participants in the circle will do deep personal healing work while learning ceremonies that inspire a loving stewardship of the Mother Earth. Eileen says that her intention is for each member to have a safe and sacred space in which to shed the past and evolve toward higher levels of consciousness. While going through the Spiral training, participants become members of a growing shamanic healing community. An email group is created to share love and support between gatherings; and meditation, chanting, healing circles, fire ceremonies and pilgrimages to sacred sites are among the activities that this community shares.

For more information or to register for the Mesayok Medicine Spiral, contact Eileen at or call 845.831.5790.

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  1. Hello Eileen,
    I’m a psychotherapist in nyc looking to deepen my work with clients. Spiritual/energetic healing is of great interest to me.. although I must be honest, I don’t have a tremendous background! Please tell me more about the group you intend to begin in September, I’d be interested in learning more about Shamanic Healing.
    Thanky you,

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