Farm-to-Table: Behind the scenes with Chef Adam of Flying Pig on Lexington in Mount Kisco

Ever wonder how things work at a Farm-to-Table restaurant?

At The Flying Pig on Lexington, Executive Chef Adam Strong walks us through the process, from collaborating with the growers at Cabbage Hill Farm, to creating delicious, healthy, seasonal food menus in his kitchen.

Chef Adam in the kitchen at The Flying Pig on Lexington

It all starts with Chef Adam’s wish lists for what he wants to see come out of the ground and how he plans to use it for innovative and tasty cuisine. From spring through winter, he updates what’s on the menu with what is being harvested. “I change the menu four times annually from what’s available for both seasonal produce as well as meat,” says Chef Adam, who partners with local growers Cabbage Hill Farm. Cabbage Hill raises its own cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys and also fish, throughout the four seasons, complementing that with seasonal fruits and vegetable harvests.

In the farm’s aquaculture program, striped bass, tilapia, and trout are raised in an innovative greenhouse ecosystem. Plants receive nitrogen produced in the fish tank and return re-oxygenated water back to the fish in an efficient water recycling system. Cabbage Hill grows a lot of their herbs in the greenhouse, along with salad greens, braising greens, cucumbers, and more petite vegetables. The greenhouse is also home to starter plants that are later grown outside, such as squash, peppers, tomatoes, and melons. All food grown at Cabbage Hill Farm is GMO-free (genetically modified organisms-free) and free of growth hormones and polluting fertilizers.

The partnership between local farmer and farm-to-table restaurant chef is a happy one. “The local farmer gets to promote his love and hard work into beautiful healthy nutritious plates of food,” says Chef Adam, “and the local chef gets to use the freshest of fresh ingredients while assuring delicious, sustainable, heart-healthy grown food. It’s a win-win situation.”

The  menu at The Flying Pig on Lexington is full of daily special appetizers, entrees and desserts. Look for Cabbage Hill Farm Pork Sliders made on a homemade brioche bun, served with coleslaw, thyme aioli and heirloom baby tomatoes. The Sunday menu has changed from a brunch buffet to a wonderful and more personal a la carte menu, offering four times the amount of food options along with a homemade selection of croissants, cinnabuns, muffins, fresh doughnuts, scones, cookies and more.

On Thursday and Friday nights, those eating in the downstairs dining room and 40-seat patio get to enjoy live music. There’s also a new Thursday night special called “Take it Easy Thursdays,” featuring a salad, pizza, drink and dessert for just $20.

The Flying Pig on Lexington is located at 251 Lexington Avenue in Mount Kisco, NY. For more information, call 914.666.7445 or visit them online at

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