Natural First Aid Kit For Kids

by Angelica Lemke, ND

Safe, natural first aid for kids

Safe, natural first aid for kids

Bumps, bruises, scrapes and insect bites are a reality for all children. As a parent, you are expected to provide some relief from the discomfort. While there are several drugstore products available to deal with these injuries, many are filled with chemicals that are too strong and unnecessary for young ones. Herbal and homeopathic remedies are gentle, excellent alternatives for children.

A fun project for you and the kids is to make your own first aid kit by collecting natural remedies in a plastic case such as a Tupperware container or tackle box. Remember to label everything in your kit with dosages and administration instructions so anyone can work with your first aid kit if you are not on hand. Here are some of the remedies I carry in my natural first aid kit, most of which can be found at a local health store.

Bach’s Rescue Remedy

Bach Flower Essences contain the extracts of plants, flowers and herbs that are useful for trauma, shock, burns, accidents, and emotional upsets. The Rescue Remedy formula is a combination of dilutions from five flowers (Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis). It’s wonderful for all anxiety provoking events such as burns, stings, cuts, bumps, falls, broken bones, bad news, and first-day-of-school jitters. Give five drops on the tongue or sipped in water as needed.


Homeopathic remedies are small lactose pellets containing minute dosages of plants, minerals and animal extracts. To dose, twist 3-4 pellets into the cap, tip the cap into your child’s mouth and ask them to just suck on the pellets, which taste sweet. Optimally the pellets should be given 10 minutes away from all food or drink.

Suggestions include:

•  Apis 6c: Great for bee stings, bad bug bites and allergic reactions of the skin and respiratory system where there is much redness and swelling. Give 2 pellets under the tongue and repeat every 15 minutes. If the bite is severe, give 2-3 doses a day over the next few days.

•   Arnica 6c: Use for all injuries, bumps and bruises, especially if there is any head trauma, to reduce pain, bleeding, and/or swelling. Give 3-4 pellets, 3-5 times/day.

•   Belladonna 6c: Keep on hand for high fevers that come on suddenly with reddening face, glassy eyes and lots of heat radiating from the skin. Give 4 pellets and repeat every 15-30 minutes.

•   Cantharis 6c: Use immediately after a burn to lessen the severity and help with healing. Give 3-4 pellets every few hours after the burn and 3 times a day for a few days following.

•   Rhus tox 6c: Keep on hand for treating poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. Give 4 pellets at the first sign of exposure or rash. Repeat several times a day until rash is resolved.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs are another wonderful way to ease a child’s discomfort. While herbs often come in tinctures, another idea is to make herbal teas with loose herbs and give them to your kids by mixing them with juice, freezing them into popsicles or adding them to a bath. Tinctures that are formulated for kids are usually mixed with glycerin as a preservative so they taste sweet. Ideas include:

•     Echinacea and Elderberry glycerin tinctures or syrups: These can be added to water, juice or tea and sipped for fevers, stomach upset and colds. Elderberry and Echinacea have both been shown to stimulate immune function with viral and bacterial infections.

•    Garlic-mullein ear oil: a gentle and soothing antimicrobial oil for ear infections and irritations – have your child lie on his or her side and place 2-3 drops into ear, placing a cotton ball to the ear when they stand up to absorb the excess oil.

•    Ginger tea/candies/tincture: For nausea, motion sickness, or indigestion. Mint, fennel and chamomile are also excellent digestive aid choices to soothe tummy aches.

•    Herbal throat spray, which usually contains Echinacea, Goldenseal and other antimicrobial herbs. Spray onto the back of throat at first sign of throat irritation and throughout the day.

•    Carob powder is excellent for diarrhea or loose stool. Give a teaspoon mixed with water or applesauce several times a day. Give a tablespoon for acute cases.

Topical Ointments

•    Arnica gel can be used for all types of bruising, swelling, sprains and strains. This can be applied topically to the area several times a day.

•    All-purpose calendula cream or comfrey salves promote tissue repair for all types of cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, stings, rashes, sunburn and chapped lips.

•     Aloe gel is excellent for cooling sunburns and promoting skin healing.

Other Remedies

•   Chewable or effervescent Vitamin C such as “Emergen-C”: An important anti-oxidant for all types of physical trauma, fevers, infections, and flu. This vitamin is also useful as an electrolyte in water for cases of dehydration and headaches. Vitamin C can also help loosen the bowels in cases of constipation.

•    Natural bug repellent – mix together 15 drops of the essential oils lavender, citronella, eucalyptus, and pennyroyal with one ounce of olive oil. Use directly on skin.

Additional items you can include in your kit are: Band-aids, sterile gauze pads/rolls, adhesive tape, alcohol wipes, thermometer, tweezers, cotton balls, cotton swabs, penlight, cold-packs, water, energy bars, safety pins, Neosporin, Aspirin, Imodium and Benadryl.

Angelica Lemke, ND is a CT licensed Naturopathic Doctor and consults with people of all ages in Pleasantville and White Plains, NY. She specializes in classical homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, nutritional counseling and herbal medicine. To contact her, email: or visit her website,

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