Holistic Retreat Day in Elmsford on September 25, 2010

Experience the benefits of self-care and the quieting effects of massage, mantras, yoga, tai chi and meditation at ReTREAT Yourself on Saturday, September 25. This holistic retreat takes place at the Family CourtSports Health Club in Elmsford, NY. It’s designed to offer a safe space to relax and discover a natural state of tranquility. ReTREAT Yourself is an opportunity to discover the life changing benefits of a day of peace and pampering. Whether for quiet relaxation, physical vitality or gentle guidance to cultivate balance through meditation, ReTREAT Yourself provides an opportunity to slow down and focus inward in a way that life might not ordinarily allow. Visitors can learn about whole foods, Reiki and fresh juicing to enhance vitality and support wellness while enjoying a custom designed series of contemplative practices.

For more than 30 years, Family CourtSports (FCS) has placed a strong emphasis on physical health and promoted a holistic approach of focusing on body, mind and spirit. Private instruction and classes include cardio fitness, weight training, Tai Chi, yoga and meditation.

Family CourtSports Health Club is located at 150 Clearbrook Road in Elmsford, NY. The Holistic Day Retreat takes place Saturday, September 25 from 12 to 7 p.m. and the price is $199.  For more information call 914.592.3005 or visit familycourtsports.com.

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