Painting, and a Creative Approach to Family Healing

Eve-Marie Elkin

Eve-Marie Elkin is offering a Painting from the Inside Out workshop in Tarrytown on Saturday, September 11 from 12 to 5p.m. Elkin has been teaching the Painting from the Inside Out process for the past three years. It gives participants an opportunity to let movement from within take shape and color through the brush and onto the paper.

Now, Elkin is expanding her offerings to include the Family Constellation work of Bert Hellinger. Family Constellations take creativity off the paper and into a circle of people who help bring family dynamics to life. As in all living systems, families contain movement and history, called the “family soul” in Constellation work. This soul shows balances, imbalances, health and disease within the family that may cause suffering and the repetition of destructive patterns. Family constellation work allows people to create a visual representation of these dynamics in a circle with others who help them to see and experience patterns of dis-ease in a new way and move forward with ease. Elkin is excited to present a workshop in Family Constellation work on Saturday, Oct. 2 from 1 to 5 p.m. in Tarrytown.

For details and more information on Family Constellation work or to check out new fall classes in Painting from the Inside Out, visit

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