Nutritional Counseling, Personal Training & Holistic Lifestyle Advice in Bedford Hills

Douglas Sedlmair and Fred Bartasek

Complete Nutrition has opened in the center of Bedford Hills, across from the train station. The store offers the latest nutritional supplements, hand picked by owners Fred Bartasek and Douglas Sedlmair. The pair has a combined 20 years of experience in sports nutrition and personal training, with an extensive client list. Bartasek also offers in-home private personal training. Bonnie LaRaus rounds out the team as a certified holistic health counselor, sharing her nutritional expertise and counsel Monday through Thursday mornings and with private clients by appointment.

The staff members at Complete Nutrition offer a high level of knowledge and service, with a great mix of talents and a strong presence in the arenas of sports nutrition, personal training and holistic health. The combination of nutritional counseling incorporating supplements and personal training can help people to feel, look and perform better, thus creating a healthy lifestyle that can be shared with the entire family.

Complete Nutrition is located at 9 Depot Plaza in Bedford Hills, NY. Hours are Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information call 914.864.0996.

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