o2 living: A World Class Holistic Spa & Wellness Center in Cross River, NY

A visit to this unique healing center initiates a journey towards a better, healthier life.

Rosemary Devlin, founder and owner of o2 living

For those looking to jumpstart a wellness plan, embark on a cleansing juice detox, or start a yoga practice, o2 living is the place to go. With an intimate atmosphere and a warm and welcoming staff, the center inspires visitors to take charge of their well-being in the beautiful setting of the Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River.

Rosemary Devlin, founder and owner of o2 living, enjoyed going to Aer Yoga, formerly located in the Yellow Monkey Village and owned by her good friend Laura Cashel. When the studio came up for sale, Rosemary considered taking it over, but she didn’t. She was busy raising five boys and running a construction company with her husband. The property instead became Dharma yoga for a short period of time. But when the property came up for sale again, Rosemary was ready. She bought the center in 2009 and has since transformed the buildings that make up the Yellow Monkey Village into o2 living, the world class holistic spa and wellness center that it is today.

Rosemary’s vision was to build a community where she could share her love for a holistic lifestyle with others. She says she embraces this way of life and realizes how important it is for 40-somethings like herself, and others who are older and wanting to feel good, be healthy and enjoy retirement. At o2 living, the knowledgeable staff educates people about holistic living and lets them experience the effects firsthand.

Visitors to o2 living often start with a yoga class, followed by therapeutic bodywork from an award-winning massage therapist, an oxygenated facial, or another spa treatment. Later, they may wander in to the Live Food Café for a healthy lunch of organic raw foods, juice, or a smoothie made with soaked almonds, freshly grated vanilla bean, and coconut. At this point, guests are often motivated to sign up for nutritional counseling and an appointment with an integrative health MD, located on site.

At the end of last year, Rosemary purchased the entire Yellow Monkey Village, and converted a former art gallery into a consulting office for various holistic MDs. “We started a medical advisory group as part of the site,” says Rosemary. “We wanted to have a lot of integrity behind what we offer.”

She and her husband called upon their considerable experience in the construction field to transform the buildings and create a successful business model for o2 living. The business is doing so well that they are launching a second location, using the Yellow Monkey Village site as their model. This second location is scheduled to open next June in Hasting. Rosemary says the Hastings site will be larger and feature a full restaurant, organic wines, and a living green roof with garden and inspiring views of the Hudson River and outdoor rooftop yoga classes.

“I’m in for the long haul,” says Rosemary, who claims that creating and maintaining such an enterprise is not as difficult as people might imagine. “It’s all about hiring the right people,” she says, “and we have a wonderful team.”

The talented o2 living team features four chefs, including Tom Donnelly, an organic whole and living foods chef and educator. Top notch yoga teachers at o2 living include Basil Jones and Jane Bell. Rosemary says she brought in highly experienced yoga teachers to help build a strong following. Beginners to advanced students can find a yoga class suited for them in the large variety of styles offered, ranging from Restorative Yoga and Gentle Flow to Power Vinyasa.

The center is also known for its quality three- and five-day juice cleanses, available for purchase at the cafe along with guidance on the juice cleanse protocol to get the most out of the experience. Most people pick up their fresh juices daily, but the juices can also be delivered throughout the tri-state area. For those on site this month, o2 living has added a weekly Farmers Market to promote sustainable biodynamic farming.

The o2 living effect is about to expand, as the center finishes work on a virtual community dedicated to learning, living and connecting. The online focus will be on real life issues with a strong social media component. For example, mothers of children with ADHD will be able to connect with other mothers, caregivers and experts on the subject.

Suggested Half Day Retreat at o2 living*

–Arrive 30 minutes before Yoga to unwind and sip a cup of tea in the Live Food Café

–Engage your mind, body and spirit in a yoga class. For beginners, try Gentle Flow, Beginners Level 1, Restorative or Kundalini.

–Rejuvenate during a 60 or 90 minute therapeutic spa treatment. Be sure to book in advance.

–Nourish your body with an organic lunch at the Live Food Cafe.

–Shop in the boutique for a treasure to bring home.

*or create your own Spa Retreat by visiting their website. Corporate group retreats are also available.

Visit o2 living at 6 Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River, NY. For more information, call 914.763.6320 or visit o2living.me.

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