Mind/Body Work for Digestive Disorders, Joints, Nerves and More, at the Kailo Center in Somers, NY

Dr. Mitchell Schulman

At the Kailo Center for the Healing Arts in Somers, NY, mind and body are treated equally by Dr. Mitchell Schulman, a NY Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Massage Therapist.
“Psychological distress almost always has a physical component,” says Mitchell, “and the opposite can be true, as well. Just think how pain or physical discomfort can affect our mood and our quality of life.”  Mitchell says that adding Clinical Massage Therapy to his professional services has enabled him to expand his scope of practice and work with clients in a far more integrated and holistic manner.

“I promote the concept of mind/body balance to those I work with,” Mitchell notes, adding that most of his clients initially seek massage services. Mitchell has become certified in Advanced Myofascial Techniques, offering people a methodology which helps the body re-align and reduces tension on muscles, joints, and nerves. He’s also trained in scar tissue release, and is completing certification in Visceral Massage Therapy, which focuses on easing digestive disorders and enhancing post-surgical abdominal healing.

More information about Kailo Center services can be found at kailocenter.com, or by calling 914.669.5811.

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