Mind/Body Work for Digestive Disorders, Joints, Nerves and More, at the Kailo Center in Somers, NY

Dr. Mitchell Schulman

At the Kailo Center for the Healing Arts in Somers, NY, mind and body are treated equally by Dr. Mitchell Schulman, a NY Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Massage Therapist.
“Psychological distress almost always has a physical component,” says Mitchell, “and the opposite can be true, as well. Just think how pain or physical discomfort can affect our mood and our quality of life.”  Mitchell says that adding Clinical Massage Therapy to his professional services has enabled him to expand his scope of practice and work with clients in a far more integrated and holistic manner.

“I promote the concept of mind/body balance to those I work with,” Mitchell notes, adding that most of his clients initially seek massage services. Mitchell has become certified in Advanced Myofascial Techniques, offering people a methodology which helps the body re-align and reduces tension on muscles, joints, and nerves. He’s also trained in scar tissue release, and is completing certification in Visceral Massage Therapy, which focuses on easing digestive disorders and enhancing post-surgical abdominal healing.

More information about Kailo Center services can be found at kailocenter.com, or by calling 914.669.5811.

Talk (and Listen) to the Animals

By Bobbi Pollack

Some pet communications are easily understood, especially at mealtime. But most people don’t realize how often they are sending and receiving information from their pets. In fact, some thoughts about a cat or dog may actually originate with the animal, who has telepathically transmitted a message of need. An example would be the pet owner who suddenly has the thought that Barney must be thirsty, only to find that the dog’s water dish is, indeed, empty.

Animals also communicate their thoughts through bodily cues. For instance, when dogs wag their tails high, they are usually alert. How high they hold their tales varies among breeds. Fast wagging signifies happiness or excitement, and sometimes it signals aggression. When the wag is slower, a dog is unsure, and, if the tail is tucked between the legs, or under the dog’s body, he or she is afraid.

When cat’s hold their tails straight up, they are feeling good about themselves. If their tails are down, they may be unhappy, scared or in the process of exploring territory. Outdoor cats often hold their tails straight up when they come within three feet of their owners as a way of saying hello. When a cat is sitting on an owner’s lap and the tail is down and twitching a little, he or she is mildly annoyed or excited. When the twitching increases, it’s a signal to let go before getting “hit upside the head.” Many people who’ve been seriously hurt by a dog or cat probably did not heed the bodily cues that the animal was giving them—until it was too late.

Dogs and cats may touch a person with their paws in order to get attention. Some cats are known to touch companion humans with their nails slightly extended when they think that their mealtimes may have been forgotten. Dogs can stamp and alternate paws when they are excited or asking for something. When cats knead against a person (with paws pressing up and down), they are comforted, much as they were when drinking their mother’s milk as kittens.

If a dog’s or cat’s ears are erect and facing forward, they are attentive and may be listening to an unknown sound. Ears back may indicate fearfulness, timidity or honing in on a new sound. When a dog raises his eyebrows, he is expressing interest. If the eyebrows are lowered, he is uncertain or slightly angry. Dogs bark because they are angry, excited, or wanting attention. If their lips curl or they show their teeth or growl, they may become aggressive. Cats have also been observed growling to defend their homes.

When cats purr, it can signal contentment, but it can also indicate that they are ill, tense, or in pain and trying to soothe themselves. Meowing is a common signal for attention or food, but there are other sounds that cats use to communicate. At the Circle of Tranquility in Hawthorne, NY, two resident brother cats are known to chirp when they are playing or looking for each other. Those who live with cats know that they can also chirp or use chattering noises when observing prey. Although there are different theories as to why this occurs, it may be because the cats are both excited and frustrated, as this usually happens with indoor cats when the supposed prey is outside.

Turid Ragass’s book, On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, describes how animals use “calming signals” to let other animals know whether they are friend or foe. Animals approach each other head-on when they want to fight. Friendly calming signals include yawning, play-bowing, lying on the back and exposing the belly, sniffing rears or tails, licking lips and turning away.

Pets also use calming signals with their owners as a means of connection. Licking can be a greeting or a sign of bonding or intimacy. Cats and dogs slit their eyes when they are showing affection to their owners. Cats also blink when they are making a loving connection.

Animals can use calming signals to try and relax people, too, but this is usually misunderstood. For example, when a dog is let outside to “do his business” and his owner yells at him to hurry up, the dog may deliberately slow down and take his time before coming back in to calm down the owner. Paying attention to these signals can really help animal lovers to strengthen their connection to pets, and vice versa.

When animals communicate telepathically, they do so in the form of pictures, so it’s best to use mental images when sending information to a pet. The easiest way to do this is to create a picture in the mind, send it and then visualize the pet receiving it. To let Josh know that his owner will be away for a few days, try visualizing the car driving away, followed by pictures of two moons, each indicating one night away.

When communicating with a pet, it is important that one’s intent be pure, loving and compassionate. One way to enhance a connection with a pet is to try this simple visualization that’s especially useful for those who want to guide a lost animal companion back home:

First, create a space devoid of distractions and sit comfortably with arms and legs uncrossed. Slow the breath and imagine becoming more energized with every inhale and more relaxed with every breath released. Next, imagine a golden thread moving from your heart center towards the pet with every gentle exhale. At the same time, see a similar golden thread coming back to you from the pet’s heart center. As these threads meet and intertwine with each other, allow feelings of love for the pet to grow, and send this love back to the animal. Be open to receiving communication received from the pet, and remember that it will probably be in the form of pictures. This is a good time to ask questions. Examples include “What is your favorite food, treat or toy?”

Everyone has the potential to communicate with their pets and other animals as long as they are willing to take the time to be observant, understand the signals, and really tune in to the sacred connections that exist between all living things.

Bobbi Pollack’s mission is to connect people and their pets, and to help balance, empower and educate both people and animals. To learn about her private consultations, workshops and seminars at the Circle of Tranquility in Hawthorne, NY, visit bobbisholisticare.com or call 914.769.1446.

Sending the Right Messages to Animals

By Barbara A Baker

Animals are able to telepathically receive pictures from their human companions, so it’s important for people to send pictures and messages in a way that’s consistent with their intent. Otherwise, undesired behaviors could be reinforced.

For example, if a dog is in the habit of jumping and the objective is to get the dog to stop, a person would likely say, “No jumping!” while holding an image of their canine friend doing exactly that. A better choice would be to picture the dog in a calmer state while saying something like, “Four on the floor.”

Likewise, someone confronting a cat that’s shredding the upholstery may picture the cat’s claws sinking into the sofa while saying, “Don’t do that!” Unfortunately, the mental image being sent is one of the cat doing exactly the wrong thing, thereby defeating the purpose. Thus, the tone or emotional quality of the voice and words is not as important as the picture transmitted via the mind.

A “no” or “don’t” message cannot be accurately communicated to an animal, just as it can’t be received by the human subconscious. Remember carrying that big plate of delicious food across the room while thinking “Don’t trip, don’t trip,” right before tripping? People are accustomed to thinking and speaking in “no” and “don’t” terms when they want to avoid things, but it’s not a useful practice—especially  with beloved animal friends. It’s more effective to think positively, literally. That means conveying the positive form of the desired outcome in both words and mental images (e.g. “Leave the sofa and go to your scratching post.”).

Be consistent and mindful of the messages you are sending. Both animal and human will be rewarded.

Barbara A Baker is local holistic and metaphysical practitioner serving people and animals. Learn more at babaker.net.

Kettlebells & the Top 10 Reasons to Use Them

By Dr. Robert Silverman, DC


In the world of athletic performance and rehabilitation, there is a lot of buzz these days about kettlebells. Kettlebell workouts can increase strength, endurance, agility, and balance while challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular systems with dynamic, total body movements. Of Russian origin, the kettlebell is a cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle attached to it.
Kettlebells come in several sizes and weights, ranging from 5 lbs. to 106 lbs. They can be used for standard weight-training exercises, including bench and overhead presses, curls, squats and rows. Unlike standard weights, kettlebells can also be used for ballistic (fast exercise) work using movements called snatches, swings, cleans, and jerks.

1)  It’s an all-in-one workout tool

The kettlebell develops all-around fitness and teaches what’s known as kinetic linking. It helps the practitioner get connected to the ground, drawing energy from the ground up and transferring that energy through the shoulders. The kettlebell enhances awareness of posture, position, breath, and grip, and the cardio benefits are significant. It’s also easy to apply interval training principles (slow, fast, repeat) with kettlebells.

2)  Kettlebell workouts burn calories quickly!

A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse Exercise and Health Program and published in ACE FitnessMatters revealed that the average participant burned about 20 calories a minute during a kettlebell workout. That means that 400 calories were burned during a typical 20 minute workout, which is equivalent to running a six-minute mile or cross-country skiing uphill at a fast pace. Researchers proposed that the rapid calorie burn was due to the interval training format of kettlebell workouts, and noted that participants also achieved an exercise heart rate and maximum oxygen uptake. This suggests that kettlebells provide a more intense workout than standard weight lifting.

3)  Kettlebell training improves cardio-respiratory fitness

Since many kettlebell exercises take place with the arms in an overhead position, the muscles most responsible for assisting the breathing process are engaged in muscular activity. This limits their ability to aid the respiratory process and forces these muscles to play an even larger role in cardio-vascular fitness.

4)  Kettlebell training eliminates the need for a large training facility

This training is ideal for small facilities or where space is limited, as kettlebells take very little floor space and don’t require any racks.

5)  Kettlebell training reduces overall training time

That’s because there’s no waiting on a machine or walking from one end of the gym to the other.

6)  Kettlebells allow functional human patterns

The primary benefits of kettlebell training lie in the philosophy of the movements that allow functional human patterns. Kettlebell drills have historically focused on working many muscle groups in unison, while dumbbells in traditional western weight-training techniques are more commonly used for isolation drills. Kettlebells are actually more challenging to use than dumbbells. The handles are much thicker, firming the practitioner’s grip in no time. Also, the off-centered weight of a kettlebell forces users to engage more stabilizer muscles and work the targeted muscles through a longer range of motion.

7)  Kettlebell training is great for backs

Kettlebell exercises strengthen the glutes and stretch the hip flexors. In most cases of back pain, hip flexors are tight and glutes are weak.

8)  Kettlebells develop back extensor endurance

Whereas decreased endurance in back extensor muscles is usually associated with chronic back pain.

9)  Kettlebell provides sensible ballistic loading, which  appears to reduce the risk of arthritis.

10)  Kettlebell “bracing” technique is superior to “hollowing” for spinal stability

The bracing technique used in kettlebell training is considered the standard for core activation, which aids in stabilizing the spine. That’s because it involves a 360-degree co-contraction of all surrounding core musculature.

Dr. Robert G. Silverman, DC, is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, Kinesio Taping Practitioner and Corrective Exercise Specialist. He specializes in the diagnosis of joint pain, soft-tissue management and non-surgical treatments incorporating proper nutrition protocols. His office, NY ChiroCare, is located at 280 Dobbs Ferry Road, White Plains, NY. Every third Wednesday of the month, Dr. Silverman conducts a free, progressive series of hands-on programs called ATNP – Achieve Top Notch Performance from 7 to 8 p.m. The next one is September 22. For more information, call 914.287.6464 or visit

September 2010 Event Listings

Natural Awakenings Calendar Listings for Westchester & Putnam Counties, NY

Saturday, September 4

Evening Kirtan – Time TBA w/Satya Franche and MA. TheYogaScape and Spa, 1100 Rt.52, 2nd floor (at Farmers Mills Rd.), Carmel. $20/suggested donation. 845.225.9642; theyogascape.com.

Collaborative Concepts Farm Project 2010 – 1-6pm. Opening reception for 60 outdoor art installations (rain date 9/5). Music program from 3:30-6pm. No charnge for art and programs. Saunders Farm, 853 Old Albany Post Rd., Garrison. Info: 845.528.1797.

Sunday, September 5

Yoga Essentials – 8:30-9:45am (9/5,9/12,9/19,9/26). Focus is on basic understanding of postures through alignment. Emphasis is on conscious movement through poses with awareness on breath. The Yogascape & Spa, 1100 Rt.52, 2nd floor, Carmel. 845.225.9642.

Market Live Music – 10am-12pm. w/Fred Gillen, Jr. at Pelham Farmers Market. Market is open weekly on Sundays 9am-1pm, rain or shine. Free. Corner of Harmon Ave. and 5th Ave. 914.923.4837; communitymarkets.biz.

Community Yoga Class – 1:30-2:30pm. Visit Yogascape and Spa for a free community class held the first Sunday of each month. 1100 Route 52, 2nd Floor, Carmel. 845.225.9642; theyogascape.com.

Monday, September 6

Looking to Write – 4-6:30pm (9/6,13,30,10/4) w/ Pamela Hart. Use visual art as a springboard for writing, poetry or prose. Open to beginners and experienced writers. Somers Library, Somers. Info: 914.232.5717; somerslibrary.org.

Weekly Journey Classes – 9:30-11:30am. (9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28) w/Alexandra Leclere. Experience a guided meditation/journey energy class through chi gung, yogic breathing and stretching exercises. $20/suggested donation. Awakenings, 215 Katonah Ave. Katonah. 914. 632.8084.

Tuesday, September 7

Reduce Stress/Embrace New Goals in Retirement – 10-11:30am (9/7, 9/14, 9/21). Three part series at Kent Public Library. Presented by Putnam Healing Arts. Free.Registration is required: 845.228.8132; putnamhealingarts.com.

Monthly Domancic Clinic – 6:45-9pm. (9/7-9/10) w/Anton Baraschi. Participants commit to 4 consecutive treatment days and (preferably) stay while practitioner applies short energetic protocol on each person. Stimulates immune system. Donation. Awakenings, 215 Katonah Ave., Katonah. 551.697.2690.

Wednesday, September 8

Pilates Mat Certification – 9/8-9/11. This 32-hour program provides a solid foundation, delivering tools necessary to progress individual clients and group classes safely and effectively in a health club/studio setting. Premier Pilates & Yoga, 200 North Ave. New Rochelle. 914.235.1250; premierpilatesny.com.

Natural Awakenings Night – 7-9pm. Meet and mingle with holistic neighbors. All Invited. Free. Refreshments. The Sanctuary in Carmel, 97 Old Rt. 6, Carmel. RSVP: 914.617.8750.

Thursday, September 9

Yorktown Grange Fair – 6-10pm (9/9); 10am-11pm (9/10); 10am-9pm (9/11). A true agricultural fair, provides family fun, food and entertainment. 99 Moseman Rd., Yorktown Heights. 914.962.3900; yorktowngrangefair.org.

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain Lecture – 7pm. w/Dr. George Gertner, DC. Pre-registration required and limited to those with pain. Lecture includes a free dinner. Westchester Hills Country Club. Register: 914.686.6200; ucc-ny.com.

Friday, September 10

Reiki Share/Energy Healing – 7-8:30pm. An evening of sharing Reiki healing energy. Practitioners and newcomers welcome. Putnam Healing Arts, Carmel. $10. 845.228.8132; putnamhealingarts.com.

Saturday, September 11

Fall Migration Bird Walk – 9am. Catch a glimpse of birds, including hawks, as they pause to fuel up for the arduous journey south for the winter. Trailside Nature Museum, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Cross River. 914.864.7275; westchestergov.com/parks.

Fall Mushroom Hike – 9:30-11:30am w/Dianna Smith of the Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association. Locate and identify fall mushrooms. Pre-registration required. Free/members, $5/nonmembers. Reservations and location: 914.762.2912 x110.

Reiki I Workshop – 9:30am-4pm (9/11, 9/12) w/Ginny Mackles, Reiki Master. Be attuned and certified to the first level of Reiki. Millwood. $175. 914.762.7761; ginnymackles.com.

Shamanic Healing Training – 10am-8pm. Teachings, Technologies and Transmissions of Incan Shamanism. 2nd Saturdays for 16 months. Hopewell Junction. Info: 845.831.5790.

Cooking Demo – 10am-12noon at Tarrytown Farmers Market. Market is open weekly on Saturdays 8:30am-1pm, rain or shine. Patriot’s Park on Rt. 9 (adjacent to Tarrytown public library, 121 N. Broadway). Free. 914.923.4837; communitymarkets.biz.

Healing with Love – 10am-12pm. w/Gene Krackehl. This lecture explores the possibility of becoming an energy healer. Learn about the basics of working with energy. Opal Moon, 2037 Albany Post Rd., Croton on Hudson. $40. Register: 914.788.4955.

Painting and Pleasure – 12-5pm. Come explore, experiment and play while painting from the inside out. Allow spontaneity to release creativity. No skills required. Tarrytown. Early registration by 9/6: $60; then $75. Register: Eve-Marie, 914.909.6292; paintinginsideout.com.

Holistic Techniques for Reducing Anxiety/Stress/Painful Memories – 2-4pm. Presented by Putnam Healing Arts. Brewster Library. Free. Registration required: 845.279.6421; putnamhealingarts.com.

Sunday, September 12

Westchester’s Toughman Half Iron Triathlon – Croton Point Park. For more info visit westchestertoughman.com.

Bike the Bronx River Parkway – 10am-2pm (9/12, 9/19, 9/26). Portion of the Bronx River Parkway closes to vehicle traffic and opens for bicyclists and in-line skaters, along with joggers, walkers, scooters and strollers. Info: 914.995.4050; learn.edu.com.

Pre-Natal Yoga – 10:30-11:45am (9/12-10/17). Class will strengthen and open; cultivating breath awareness and mind-body unity all through yoga poses modified for the unique requirements of the pregnant body. $150/6wks. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco.  914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Grape Picking and Honey Harvest Party – 12-2pm. $7 for non-members. Greenburgh Nature Center. 99 Dromore Rd. Scarsdale. Info: 914.723.3470; greenburghnaturecenter.org.

Positive Energy Festival – 12-3pm.  Enjoy an afternoon of rejuvenation, with samples and mini-session from one of many talented practitioners. Network with other like minded people. Pawling. Info/register: 845.702.1042; dynamicinterventionllc.com.

Festival @ 51 – 12-4pm. Hands-on day of art, music, theatre, and dance for people of all ages. . Participate in drawing, painting, clay, and music workshops. Rye Arts Center, 51 Milton Rd., Rye. Free. 914.967.0700; ryeartscenter.org.

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium – 1-6pm. Join local community members to explore ways to create a more sustainable world. The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Rd., Bethany, CT. 203.874.4252; learn.edu.com.

Free Meditation and Satsang – 1:30-2:30pm w/Amy Pearce-Hayden. Join in a practice of stilling the mind, followed by group discussion regarding aspects of yogic philosophy. Yogascape and Spa, 1100 Rt. 52, 2nd floor, Carmel. 845.225.9642.

Dreamwork Group – 2-5pm & (9/26, 12-3pm) w/Natalie Safir. Two part workshop explores dreams in depth. Each member gets to focus and understand their own dream language and imagery. Opal Moon, 2037 Albany Post Rd., Croton on Hudson. $60/each session. 914.788.4955.

Restorative Yoga – 5-7pm. Incorporating gentle, classic supported postures and breath. All postures are done on the floor. All ages and fitness levels welcome. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $25. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Monday, September 13

Kids Yoga Jam – 5:15-6:15pm (9/13-11/15). Kids (9-12) move through the full range of motion exploring yoga postures with a sense of creativity and adventure. $135/9wks. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Teen Yoga – 5:15-6:15pm (9/13-11/15. For teens 13 & up. Get into a peaceful groove and build strength. BYOT (Bring your own Tunes)! Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $135/9wks. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Food and Mood/ Blood Sugar Equilibrium – 6pm w/Mary Beth Augustine, R.D., CDN. Avoid the roller coaster of mood ups and downs, balancing carbs, proteins and fats for a steady energy source and uplifted mood. Somers Library, Somers. Info: 914.232.5717; somerslibrary.org.

Tapping Into Your Amazing Power – 7pm. Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to clear emotional blocks and make powerful changes in life. 152 Deer Hill Ave. Danbury, CT. Register/info: 203.797.9288; stephaniedalfonzo.com.

Tuesday, September 14

Westchester Holistic Breakfast – 8-10am. Dr. Manjula Paul explains Ayurvedic medicine and traditions at this month’s gathering. Enjoy an organic breakfast in a beautiful setting.  $18 for the meeting. Good Counsel Convent, 52 North Broadway, White Plains. Info: WestchesterHolisticNetwork.org.

Bye, Bye Belly Bloat – 10:45-11:30am. Learn to juice and make green smoothies and be rid of the dreaded “bloat” with “Friends for Health” Health Coaches, Gayle Morris & Eve Fogler. Mariani Gardens, Armonk. $25/$20 with a friend. Register: 914.232.0991; EveFogler.com.

Lotus Littles – 4:30-5:15pm (9/14-11/16). Through imaginative yoga games and play, children (ages 4-5) stay interested and focused. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $150/10wks. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Six Steps to Losing Weight…and Keeping It Off – 7pm. The workshop begins 9/14 and meets weekly. 152 Deer Hill Ave. Danbury, CT. Register/info: 203.797.9288; stephaniedalfonzo.com.

Holistic Moms Network – 7-9pm. Discussion of food preservation methods followed by workshop presentation: Fermentation 101. Bring a glass pint jar (lidded), cutting board, and a chopping knife. Desmond-Fish Library, Rt. 9D and 403, Garrison. RSVP: 845.809.5242; holisticmoms.org.

Challenges of ADHD – 7:30pm. Susan Karyn Lasky, senior credentialed ADHD coach, speaks on: How to Coach Yourself to Success: Recognizing the Challenges of ADHD and Finding Ways to Take Control. Four Winds Hospital Conference Center, Rt. 35, Katonah. 914.729.2067.

Wednesday, September 15

Mommy & Me Yoga – 10-10:45am (9/15-11/17). For mom’s and kid’s ages 2-4 years. Focus on movement, imagination and fun. Partner poses/yoga games help keep children interested and focused. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $150/10wks. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Wellness Luncheon – 1-2:30pm. Learn a simple way to be happier, healthier & wealthier. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center. 32 Main St. Hastings on Hudson. Free. Register/info: 917.445.1767; HumanBodyworks.com.

Open House – 5pm. Learn about compelling graduate programs focused on creativity, community, and innovation.  The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Rd., Bethany, CT.  203.874.4252 ; learn.edu.com.

Pre-Natal Yoga – 6:30-7:45pm. (9/15-10/20). Class will strengthen and open; cultivating breath awareness and mind-body unity all through yoga poses modified for the unique requirements of the pregnant body. $150/6wks. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco.  914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Thursday, September 16

Pre-Natal Yoga – 9:30-10:45am (9/16-10/21). Class will strengthen and open; cultivating breath awareness and mind-body unity all through yoga poses modified for the unique requirements of the pregnant body. $150/6wks. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

The Magic Health Food Tour – 11:30am-12:30pm. Learn to shop healthy with Health Coaches, Eve Fogler & Gayle Morris of “Friends for Health” at the Mount Kisco Mrs. Green’s Natural Market. Free. Register: 914.232.0991; EveFogler.com.

Yoga Rockstars – 5-6pm (9/16-11/18). This age group (6-8) moves into more challenging poses working on holding, balancing and coordination. Benefits of certain yoga postures on the body are realized. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $135/9wks. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Friday, September 17

Cooking Demo – 11am-1pm at New Rochelle Farmers Market. Market is open weekly on Fridays 8am-3pm, rain or shine. Free. Library Green, Huguenot St. and Lawton St. (near 264 Huguenot St.). 914.923.4837; communitymarkets.biz.

Saturday, September 18

Pet Adoption Day – 9am-1pm. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and more. Free wellness exam for adoptees. Angels Veterinary Hospital. Parking lot, 8 Nancy Court, Wappingers Falls. Info: 845.227. 7297.

Men’s Yoga for Golf – 2pm. Explore stretches that enhance the golf swing and bring balance to the game. O2 Living Holistic Wellness Center, Cross River. Register: 914.763.6320; o2living.me.

Sunday, September 19

Five or Seven-Day Detox Retreat – Time TBA. This fall, be inspired to join a group cleanse retreat. MD and licensed nutritionist supervised. Maximum 20 spots. o2 Living Holistic Wellness Center, Cross River. 914.763.6320; o2living.me.

Beginners Yoga Workshop – 9-10:15am (9/19-10/24). Be guided step-by-step through yoga breathing, core postures and the flow that links all these elements together. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $150/6wks. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Strut Your Mutt – 11am-4pm. Music, vendors, food, doggie demonstrations and contests at The Putnam Humane Society’s annual fund raising event. Veteran’s Memorial Park in Carmel. Registration $10/dog. Info: 845.225.7777.

Connect with Divine Love – 12:30-6pm – Open up to True Love and the Joy in one’s Heart. All welcome. $50/person, $35/(18-25 yrs old). New World Chiropractic, 41 Katonah Ave, Suite 201, Katonah. Info: 914.471.8339; newworldchiropractic.com

Open Dianic Mabon Circle – 2-4pm. Celebrate the Fall Equinox marking the turning of the wheel. Bring healthy snack and something to place on the altar in lieu of admission. Circle of Tranquility, Hawthorne. Register/info: 914.769.1446; bobbisholisticcare.com.

More Truth Will Set You Free Workshop – 2-4:30pm w/Elka Boren, Shaman & Clairvoyant. $45. Also private sessions w/ Elka available 9/16-9/21. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center. 32 Main St., Hastings on Hudson. Register/info: 917.445.1767; HumanBodyworks.com.

Prema Birthing Certification Class – 5:30-8:30pm w/ Elka Boren, Shaman & Clairvoyant. $400. Also private sessions w/ Elka available 9/16-9/21. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center. 32 Main St., Hastings on Hudson. Register/info: 917.445.1767; HumanBodyworks.com.

Monday, September 20

Beginners Yoga Workshop – 7:30-8:45pm (9/20-11/l). Be guided step-by-step through yoga breathing, core postures and the flow that links all these elements together. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $150/6wks. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Health Teleclass – 8:30-9pm. Learn how to get back on track and find balance and lose weight naturally. Join Health Coaches, Gayle Morris & Eve Fogler of “Friends for Health” for this free Teleclass. Register: 914.232.0991.

Tuesday, September 21

Rising Star Healing System Initiation – 5-9pm w/ Elka Boren, Shaman & Clairvoyant. $700. Also private sessions w/ Elka available 9/16-9/21. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center. 32 Main St., Hastings on Hudson. Register/info: 917.445.1767; HumanBodyworks.com.

Storytelling Workshop – 6-8pm. “Spoken Word in the Classroom.”  Join award-winning author and storyteller Robin Moore for a dynamic storytelling workshop.  The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Rd., Bethany, CT. 203.874.4252; learn.edu.com.

Using Nutrition to Reduce Your Cancer Risk – 7-9pm. Discussion of the latest research. Bring list of current supplements, if any. Free. New World Chiropractic, 41 Katonah Ave. Suite 201, Katonah. 914.471.8339; newworldchiropractic.com.

Wednesday, September 22

Nutrition Workshop – 7pm. Yolanda Faustini Stone, Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Counselor, presents “How to Create Your Best Health: An Introduction to Holistic Nutrition.” Group discussion follows. 1 Scarsdale Rd., Tuckahoe $25. 917.843.9055; livehealthynewyork.com.

Open Reiki Circle – 7-9pm. Experience the warm compassionate energy of Reiki whether for the first time or once again. Circle of Tranquility, Hawthorne. $10. 914.769.1446; bobbisholisticcare.com.

Friday, September 24

Autumn Landscape Conference – 9:15am-2pm w/author Carolyn Summers. Explore the gateway to sustainable gardening and designing gardens with northeastern flora. All inclusive day with lunch. Westchester Community College, Valhalla. Registration/info: 914.606.7870; nativeplantcenter.org.

Green Products and Services Expo – 1-4pm. For local residents interested in purchasing Green and those responsible for public procurement. Murial H. Morabito Community Center, 29 Westbrook Dr., Cortlandt Manor. Register at SAMPO (State of NY Municipal Purchasing Officials): Nysampo.org.

Saturday, September 25

Reiki II Workshop – 9:30am-3:30pm (9/25, 9/26) w/Ginny Mackles, Reiki Master. Be attuned and certified to the second level of Reiki. Millwood. 914.762.7761; ginnymackles.com.

Cooking Demo – 10am-12pm at Hartsdale Farmers Market. Market is open weekly on Saturdays 8:30am-2pm, rain or shine. Free. Hartsdale Train Station (across from 1 Fisher St.). 914.923.4837.

33rd Annual Cold Spring Harvest Festival – 10am-5pm. Music, food, craft vendors, farmer’s market, pumpkin painting – fun for the whole family. Main St., Cold Spring. Free admission/ parking.

Armonk Outdoor Art Show – 10am-5pm (9/25 & 9/26). Event ranked among the top fine art and design shows by Sunshine Artist Magazine. Proceeds benefit the North Castle Public Library/Whippoorwill Hall Theatre. Wampus Brook Park. 205 Business Park Dr., Armonk.

Wild Food and Ecology Tour – 1-3pm w/“Wildman” Steve Brill. Hunt for gourmet wild mushrooms, tree nuts, and a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs. Stone Barns Center, 630 Beford Rd., Pocantico Hills. $25/adults, $20/children. 914.366.6200.

Holistic Pet Care – 1-4pm. For dog and cat caregivers/owners. Learn different ways to release fear-aggression, understand how animals communicate and how to bring an animal out of shock. Circle of Tranquility, Hawthorne. $40. 914.769.1446; bobbisholisticcare.com.

Crystalspeak – 1-4pm w/Liz Connell. Discover how wearing gemstones and crystal jewelry can support healing, personal growth and well being. Bring along a favorite piece and learn about its properties. Opal Moon, 2037 Albany Post Rd, Croton on Hudson. $75. 914.788.4955.

Family Yoga – 1:30-2:15pm (adults w/kids 3-6); 2:30-3:30pm (adults w/kids 7 and up). Families participate in a variety of asanas, exploring partner poses and partnered breathing exercises. $25/2, $5/each additional. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. 914.241.9642; questyogaarts.com.

Sunday, September 26

Shamanic Drumming Circle – 1:30-4:30pm. Drum, rattle, journey, dance and connect with nature for personal and interplanetary healing. Circle of Tranquility, Hawthorne. $30. 914.237.0241; bobbisholisticcare.com.

Magical Awakening Group Healing – 4-6pm. Based on the ancient Celtic mythological concepts of Three Cauldrons facilitated by Kia Abilay and Brett Bevell. Opal Moon, 2037 Albany Post Rd, Croton on Hudson. $20. 914.788.4955.

Monday, September 27

Golf Classic – Annual Divine Compassion Golf Classic at Whippoorwill Club in Armonk. Still time to sign up and come to the luscious and green Westchester Hills Golf Club in White Plains. Golf and dinner, or just dinner. Jane Keegan: 914.798.1286.

Holiday Health Challenge – 7:30-8:15pm. Lose weight from Halloween to New Years with the holiday health challenge teleconference/webinar program by Health Coaches, Gayle Morris & Eve Fogler, “Friends for Health”, alternate Mondays, Sept 27th-Dec. 20th. $227/$187 early birds. Register: 914.232.0991; EveFogler.com.

Ditch the Diets – 8:30-9:15pm. End deprivation and lose weight: Diet Rehab & Mindful Eating Teleconferences w/ Health Coaches, Gayle Morris & Eve Fogler on alternate Mondays, Sept. 27th-Dec. 20th. $227/$187 early birds. Register: 914.232.0991; EveFogler.com.

Tuesday, September 28

Supervised Kids Playgroup – Time TBA (9/28-11/9). Introduction to balance, tumbling, agility and fundamentals of gymnastics with trained instructors.Ages 6 months to 5yrs.  Solaris Sports Clubs. 201 Veterans Rd. Yorktown Heights. Info: 914.962.4094.

Kids Krafts – 11am-12pm (ages 3-5); 4-5pm (ages 6-9). Children explore their creative side by making fun arts and crafts projects. $96/6wks. Solaris Sports Club, 201 Veterans Rd., Yorktown Heights. Info: 914.962.4094.

Yoga Workshop – 4:30-6pm. Basil Jones & o2 living presents: “The Yamas: Exploring the External Restraints of Yoga.” This is a three-week workshop. $45/pre-registration. o2 living, 792 Rt. 35, Cross River.  RSVP: 914.763.6320.

Green Drinks Westchester – 6-8pm. Talk “green” at the DoubleTree Tarrytown – on their own path to sustainability with many green initiatives; making a great venue for this first fall event. 455 S. Broadway, Tarrytown. No entry fee. 914.736.1322.

Dancing Spirit Circle – 7-9pm w/Hypnotherapist Esther Kinderlerer. Release stress and inhibitions; renew the spirit, dance/stretch to music from many genres. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center. 32 Main St., Hastings on Hudson. $20. Call Esther: 914.886.5764; HumanBodyworks.com.

Wednesday, September 29

Westchester Green Business Challenge – 8-9:30am. NY Learning by Example: C.W. Brown’s New LEED Facility & the Benefits of Taking the Westchester Green Business Challenge. C.W. Brown, 1 Labriola Ct., Armonk. Continental breakfast/networking/ 8:30-9:30am, program/9:30-10am – C.W. Brown Facility Tour.

Meditation – 7-8pm. 6 weeks. w/Paula Caracappa. Learn centuries-honored way of finding inner peace, now more valuable than ever. Instruction and practice. $15/session. Good Counsel Convent, 52 North Broadway, White Plains. Info: 914.798.1202.

Thursday, September 30

Morning Birding – 8am. w/Charlie Roberto, bird expert and Teatown Trustee. Spot warblers and other birds before they head south for the winter. Registration is required. Free for members and $5 for nonmembers. 914.762.2912.

Using Nutrition to Reduce Your Cancer Risk – 10am-12pm. Discussion of the latest research. Bring list of current supplements, if any. Free. New World Chiropractic, 41 Katonah Ave. Suite 201, Katonah. 914.471.8339; newworldchiropractic.com.

Dealing With Stress & Chronic Illness/Pain – 2-3pm. Strengthen the immune and mental health system w/holistic techniques. Presented by Putnam Healing Arts, Putnam Hospital Center. Free Registration required: 845.279.5711 x6263; putnamhealingarts.com.

Yoga for the Voice – 3pm w/Sondra Green. Vocal and breathing techniques and exercises for the speaking voice, and vocal projection. Great for speakers, singers, and those wanting to learn better vocal techniques. Somers Library, Somers. 914.232.5717; somerslibrary.org.

The Mind Body Fertility Connection – 7pm. Learn the connection between stress and “unexplained infertility.” 152 East Ave. Norwalk. Register/info: 203.797.9288; fertilityhypnosisct.com.

Saturday, October 2

Family Constellation Workshop – 1-5pm. Look at events in family history that impact present life experience. As hidden dynamics are revealed, new solutions emerge. Tarrytown. $75/registered by 9/23 or $90. Eve-Marie: 914.909.6292; evemarieelkin.com.

7th Annual Harvest Fest – 10am-3pm. Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture presents a daylong festival of food, music, and educational activities celebrating the best of Stone Barns and the farm in fall. 630 Bedford Rd., Pocantico Hills. Stonebarnscenter.org.

Tarot Journey – 10am-1pm w/Michael Orlando Yaccarino. Explore the cards compelling imagery and learn to conduct readings using simple spreads. For beginners, intermediate or experienced readers. Opal Moon, 2037 Albany Post Rd, Croton on Hudson. $80. 914.788.4955.

Sunday, October 3

Annual Support-A-Walk – 9am. Join in the walk. Bring help and hope to people fighting breast and ovarian cancer. Support Connection, 914.962.6402; supportconnection.org.

Thursday, October 7

Health Lecture – 6:30-7:30pm. Workshop in holistic methods for self-rejuvenation. Learn to reduce stress and maintain health. Putnam Hospital Center. Free. Register 845.279.5711 x 6263; putnamhealingarts.com.

o2 living: A World Class Holistic Spa & Wellness Center in Cross River, NY

A visit to this unique healing center initiates a journey towards a better, healthier life.

Rosemary Devlin, founder and owner of o2 living

For those looking to jumpstart a wellness plan, embark on a cleansing juice detox, or start a yoga practice, o2 living is the place to go. With an intimate atmosphere and a warm and welcoming staff, the center inspires visitors to take charge of their well-being in the beautiful setting of the Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River.

Rosemary Devlin, founder and owner of o2 living, enjoyed going to Aer Yoga, formerly located in the Yellow Monkey Village and owned by her good friend Laura Cashel. When the studio came up for sale, Rosemary considered taking it over, but she didn’t. She was busy raising five boys and running a construction company with her husband. The property instead became Dharma yoga for a short period of time. But when the property came up for sale again, Rosemary was ready. She bought the center in 2009 and has since transformed the buildings that make up the Yellow Monkey Village into o2 living, the world class holistic spa and wellness center that it is today.

Rosemary’s vision was to build a community where she could share her love for a holistic lifestyle with others. She says she embraces this way of life and realizes how important it is for 40-somethings like herself, and others who are older and wanting to feel good, be healthy and enjoy retirement. At o2 living, the knowledgeable staff educates people about holistic living and lets them experience the effects firsthand.

Visitors to o2 living often start with a yoga class, followed by therapeutic bodywork from an award-winning massage therapist, an oxygenated facial, or another spa treatment. Later, they may wander in to the Live Food Café for a healthy lunch of organic raw foods, juice, or a smoothie made with soaked almonds, freshly grated vanilla bean, and coconut. At this point, guests are often motivated to sign up for nutritional counseling and an appointment with an integrative health MD, located on site.

At the end of last year, Rosemary purchased the entire Yellow Monkey Village, and converted a former art gallery into a consulting office for various holistic MDs. “We started a medical advisory group as part of the site,” says Rosemary. “We wanted to have a lot of integrity behind what we offer.”

She and her husband called upon their considerable experience in the construction field to transform the buildings and create a successful business model for o2 living. The business is doing so well that they are launching a second location, using the Yellow Monkey Village site as their model. This second location is scheduled to open next June in Hasting. Rosemary says the Hastings site will be larger and feature a full restaurant, organic wines, and a living green roof with garden and inspiring views of the Hudson River and outdoor rooftop yoga classes.

“I’m in for the long haul,” says Rosemary, who claims that creating and maintaining such an enterprise is not as difficult as people might imagine. “It’s all about hiring the right people,” she says, “and we have a wonderful team.”

The talented o2 living team features four chefs, including Tom Donnelly, an organic whole and living foods chef and educator. Top notch yoga teachers at o2 living include Basil Jones and Jane Bell. Rosemary says she brought in highly experienced yoga teachers to help build a strong following. Beginners to advanced students can find a yoga class suited for them in the large variety of styles offered, ranging from Restorative Yoga and Gentle Flow to Power Vinyasa.

The center is also known for its quality three- and five-day juice cleanses, available for purchase at the cafe along with guidance on the juice cleanse protocol to get the most out of the experience. Most people pick up their fresh juices daily, but the juices can also be delivered throughout the tri-state area. For those on site this month, o2 living has added a weekly Farmers Market to promote sustainable biodynamic farming.

The o2 living effect is about to expand, as the center finishes work on a virtual community dedicated to learning, living and connecting. The online focus will be on real life issues with a strong social media component. For example, mothers of children with ADHD will be able to connect with other mothers, caregivers and experts on the subject.

Suggested Half Day Retreat at o2 living*

–Arrive 30 minutes before Yoga to unwind and sip a cup of tea in the Live Food Café

–Engage your mind, body and spirit in a yoga class. For beginners, try Gentle Flow, Beginners Level 1, Restorative or Kundalini.

–Rejuvenate during a 60 or 90 minute therapeutic spa treatment. Be sure to book in advance.

–Nourish your body with an organic lunch at the Live Food Cafe.

–Shop in the boutique for a treasure to bring home.

*or create your own Spa Retreat by visiting their website. Corporate group retreats are also available.

Visit o2 living at 6 Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River, NY. For more information, call 914.763.6320 or visit o2living.me.

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