Natural Approaches to Health for Pets

A seminar presented by:
O2 Living & Smith Ridge Veterinary Center to benefit The Wolf Conservation Center

Saturday, October 23, 9:00 am – 4:45 pm

Includes a full day of speakers discussing various topics about providing a healthy life for your beloved pets.

You are invited to join O2 Living and the expert staff of the Smith Ridge Veterinary Center and for a day-long seminar on natural health for our companion carnivores, the family dog or cat – with all proceeds going to benefit the wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center! It all happens on October 23, when pet lovers from around the country and the local NY/CT area will convene at O2 Living, the holistic spa and wellness center for people located in Cross River, NY. The day will be chock full of presentations, demonstrations and access to resources essential to a healthy lifestyle for your pet. The registration fee is $80 per person ($55 is tax deductible) and it includes world class organic snacks and lunch. It’s for a good cause… both O2 and Smith Ridge have been long-time supporters of the 10-year-old Wolf Conservation Center, which currently shelters 25 endangered red and Mexican gray wolves, and runs hundreds of on-site and off-site programs a year, educating thousands of children and adults about how they can support healthy ecosystems and how top predators like the wolf are crucial to maintaining the balance of nature.

More info at

Registration: $80 per person
Includes organic snacks and lunch from O2 Live Food Cafe.

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