Thomas G. Lemens Brings Alexander Technique to North Salem & Patterson, NY

Center for Applied Posture Opens in Two New Locations

Thomas Lemens with a client

Thomas G. Lemens and the Center For Applied Posture are pleased to announce new locations in North Salem and Patterson, NY. Lemens has more than 30 years of experience as a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique, specializing in equestrians and others experiencing chronic pain, lower back syndrome, repetitive stress injuries and post-surgical recovery. Lemens says his approach is highly effective in alleviating discomfort, restoring balance, and dramatically improving coordination and vitality by healing problems at their source. He has maintained a private practice as a teacher of The Alexander Technique in Manhattan and Westchester County since 1976, and primarily works with clients who’ve had unsuccessful resolution of chronic pain issues and seek to improve their physical performance abilities.

The Center For Applied Posture is located at 2 Keeler Lane in North Salem, NY, Haviland Hollow Farm, 815 East Branch Road in Patterson, NY and 853 Broadway, Suite 605, in New York, NY. Call 914.485.1288 or email for an appointment, and visit

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