Environmental Spotlight – Healing from Environmental Toxicity & EMF Stress

Natural Awakenings talks with Dr. John Foley, DC and Dan Court, clinical nutritionist, about their work helping people recover from chronic illnesses due to EMF and environmental toxicity.


Dr. John Foley, DC & Dan Court, Clinical Nutritionist

Much of the illness in the world today has an environmental component. We absorb toxins from water, food and air, and even from electromagnetic fields (EMF), and over a lifetime these poisons accumulate in our tissues and organs. This toxic buildup usually goes undetected, but often it adversely impacts our health. Dr. John Foley, DC has developed a system designed to safely and gently detect and remove EMF stress and environmental toxicity from the body, allowing people to return to wellness and full vitality.

Q:  EMF stress from cell phones has been in the news a lot lately. Do you see this as a real health problem?
A: Electromagnetic stress on the body from electromagnetic fields (EMF)—the invisible wireless pollution out there—is becoming more and more of a problem. These low-frequency magnetic waves have a negative effect on our body’s nervous system—our electrical system—but most of the studies have measured the thermal effects or the heat effects of EMF. They’re not looking at how it short-circuits our body’s electrical system, so they say that EMF is generally regarded as safe. But there are studies done by credible researchers showing harmful effects on our immune and nervous systems, as well as on our hormones, mood and behavior, and linking EMF to cancer, chronic disease, headaches, learning disorders, sleep disorders and other conditions. European countries are looking into this much more aggressively than the US. A good website for more information on studies is electromagnetichealth.org.

Q: You have seen an increase in heavy metal toxicity in your patients. Is EMF stress more of a problem for people who have heavy metal toxicity?
A: EMF is aggravating existing metal toxicity in our bodies and triggering extra stress that the body then has to deal with. The body is controlled and coordinated by the nervous system (the body’s electrical system) and an “antenna effect” is driving in an ambient, unnatural electrical field, compromising the body’s natural physiological and biological processes. The rise in EMF, the wireless industry, seems to be aggravating this condition. However, we’re also seeing in our clinical trials that wearing metal on the external body is doing the same thing, whether it’s certain buckles, jewelry, zippers, eyeglasses or shoes. We find that EMF can short-circuit the body’s delicate electrical system, which prevents the body from releasing toxins and healing itself. However, we see major health improvements with even the toughest cases once EMF stress is treated.

Q: How do you test people for heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins?
A: We developed a highly advanced form of bio-energetic testing, a more sensitive and reliable method than standard kinesiology (muscle testing). With our Advanced Bio-energetic Testing, we test the electrical reflex of the muscle, not the muscle itself. Once we determine what is hidden in specific areas of the body, we match it up perfectly with a unique product—it may be herbal, homeopathic, or whole food nutrition—to release the toxin. That’s what makes this targeted and precise, and why our outcomes are so high. Using computerized analysis along with Advanced Bio-energetic Testing, we determine the name of the toxin, where it is in the body, the amount of toxicity, and the specific remedy that will guarantee removal as levels are measured visit to visit.

Q: What are you seeing in children, especially those with health challenges?
A: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) did an exposure report and found over 212 chemicals in the participants, 2,400 people, who had their urine and blood tested (cdc.gov/exposurereport). Every year they look at exposure, and every year it gets worse. It’s being passed on from generation to generation. Each generation has more toxicity in their body than the previous one. Then, when we have children, we pass on part of our toxic load to our offspring. (During pregnancy, toxins are passed through the placenta and umbilical cord to the fetus.) We’re hitting a point where today’s children are born very, very toxic. And that’s why we’re seeing the epidemic of these childhood diseases—the five A’s, we call them: autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, autoimmune.

Q: Is environmental toxicity why women are having a harder time conceiving as well?
A: The difference between the average person who feels OK and someone who is chronically ill is in where the toxins have been deposited in the body. When they are deep in the neurological system, like in the brain tissue itself, a person will often have symptoms. But when it’s in the reproductive system, it’s not going to be felt. A woman may have ovarian cysts, her cycle may be off a little bit, but she’s not going to feel the detrimental effects of the toxins. The body puts the toxins there if it can’t get rid of them through natural processes. This is the main reason we’re seeing so much infertility today. The body is rejecting implantation on purpose. It’s not that the body is behaving badly; it’s actually behaving quite intelligently. It would rather reject implantation, or miscarry, than allow a fetus to develop in such a toxic area. We now have women who come to our clinic proactively, before they conceive, to get tested and to see what level of toxins they have, and then go through a program to detoxify prior to conceiving. We do recommend this, in fact.

Q: Do you find that firstborn children have more health problems?
A: It is estimated that the firstborn child receives typically two-thirds of the mother’s toxicity. This comes as no surprise, since firstborns, especially boys, seem to have more health problems than their siblings. About 20 years ago, 1 out of 10,000 children were on the autistic spectrum; now we’re at about 1 in 80. Based on this alarming statistical trend, some experts suggest that by 2020, every child born in the USA will be somewhere on that spectrum. Every generation is getting weaker. And genetics alone can’t account for that. More research is coming out all the time linking autism to the environment.
And then add the EMF component onto that. One study found that when you look into the bedrooms of the mothers of autistic children, there were higher levels of EMF stress there while the child was growing in the womb. They found if you sleep in strong electromagnetic fields during pregnancy, your child will likely show signs of neurological problems within the first two years of life. Today, it’s not uncommon for people to lie in bed at night with their laptop on their lap, accessing the Internet while watching a 50-inch plasma TV, with a cordless phone next to them and an iPhone on the other side, along with an electric clock. Then you have the metal bedsprings and frames. All of this EMF acts like a pressure cooker when the body is not protected.

Q: Tell us about a success story
A: One woman came to us recently from Ireland. She had a great diet, exercised, and did everything right, yet she’d had chronic fatigue, pain, bladder problems, insomnia and other health issues for 20 years. What we found were very high levels of lead, chlorine and plastic in her body. We specifically targeted each toxin and started driving them out of her body. Now she’s doing great. She just ran a marathon, in fact. We had found the missing piece of her healthcare puzzle—environmental toxicity. If you don’t address the environmental stress on the body, people simply can’t recover, and results will be mediocre at best.

Q: What’s next for your work?
A: There is a sense of urgency with our work. People are getting sicker, can’t recover, and don’t know where to turn. We offer hope and real solutions, and people don’t have to suffer unnecessarily. Our own health was completely transformed as a result of this work after everything else in healthcare failed. We discovered the missing link and technology necessary for our patients to heal themselves. We’ve doubled our space and are expanding rapidly. We’re in the process of changing our name from Nutritional Healing Center to BodyCures to better represent what we do.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so we’ve created a free report, “Protect Your Breasts from EMF and Toxicity,” with tips and strategies on preventing and reversing breast cancer. We’d like to share this important report with everyone.

For more information, visit nutritionalhealingcenters.com or call our office at 914.962.0101.

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