De-clutter & Organize to Transform Your Living Space & Your Life with TMA Organizing Services in Cortlandt Manor

Help for De-cluttering, Organizing, and Living in Greater Harmony

Tina Aurora, owner of TMA Organizing Services

TMA Organizing Services based in Cortlandt Manor is now open for business. Owner Tina Aurora has launched her home organizing business to help her clients transform their living spaces and their lives. Tina says that a person’s living environment greatly effects their emotions and can impact their overall health and happiness. By helping her clients to create clutter-free, organized spaces in their homes, Tina says she’s also helping them to live happier, less stressful lives.

In addition to sorting through and clearing out overwhelming clutter, TMA Organizing Services also provides assistance with coordinating tag and estate sales, packing systematically for entire household moves, staging for residential sales, and setting up new homes for home buyers.

Tina has more than seven years of organizing experience, and leverages her knowledge of best practices with a collaborative work style. She works closely with her clients to ensure that they are comfortable during the entire organizing process and satisfied with the end results of their work together.

For information on how to schedule a free in-home consultation visit

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