Safe Prenatal Yoga, Pilates and Thai Bodywork at Premier Pilates & Yoga in New Rochelle, NY

Healthy Pregnancy Requires Careful Training

Like a marathon, pregnancy requires careful and specific training—before and after the big event. Adriene Ingalls, director of Premier Pilates & Yoga, recommends yoga, Pilates and Thai bodywork as safe, effective “training” for the prenatal and postpartum mother.

“Yes, it’s a slow race,” Ingalls says, “but you want to get to the finish line in great shape and as healthily as possible.” Practiced during pregnancy, yoga and Pilates can help pregnant women strengthen muscles in preparation for infant care, improve their breathing, balance and circulation, and develop relaxation techniques to enhance concentration, coordination and relaxation during labor and delivery. Ingalls recommends prenatal Thai yoga bodywork sessions to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy while restoring a sense of rest and wellbeing. After delivery, she says, Pilates can help new mothers quickly regain and maintain their strength, flexibility and figure.

Premier Pilates & Yoga is a fully-equipped classical Pilates and yoga studio offering private sessions, duet, semi-private and group classes, including several prenatal/postpartum sessions. “Mothers who have taken our prenatal yoga, Pilates and Thai bodywork sessions have reported shorter and easier labors as well as an increased sense of well-being during and after birth,” Ingalls says. The studio also offers teacher training and Continuing Education (CE) workshops for instructors.

Premier Pilates & Yoga is located at 200 North Ave., Ste. 6, New Rochelle, NY. For more information, call 914.235.1250 or visit Mention Natural Awakenings and receive a 10 percent discount off all private sessions.

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