New Synchronicity Healing Center Expanding in Pawling

Synchronicity Healing Center in Pawling, NY

The new Synchronicity Healing Center in Pawling is enjoying record number of new massage and psychic reading clients and growing retail sales. The center has hosted gifted mediums, healers and authors, making Synchronicity a place of healing and growth that will continue to expand its guest list this fall.

The center’s inventory is also growing, with new Renaissance style clothing, a larger selection of healing crystals and stones, more silver and Celtic jewelry than ever before, and a whole new line of eucalyptus spa products for the upcoming cold season. Owners Marcus Feighery and Kimberly Taylor have made every effort to create a space where anyone can find what they need to help them on their spiritual path. They believe in nurturing each individual’s authentic process of growth and healing by balancing all needs—mental, physical emotional and spiritual, without judgment.

Call 845.855.1172 for an appointment, and visit the new Synchronicity Healing Center website at for a full listing of services, workshops and monthly sales events.

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