Reiki Master Roberta Rosenberg Brings Healing & Reiki Classes to Yorktown

Reiki Comes to Yorktown


Reiki Master Roberta Rosenberg says she knows the importance of living a balanced life in body, mind and spirit. A trained health professional in Yorktown with more than 25 years of experience, Roberts has been practicing Reiki for the last 12 years. “This is a tough, demanding world to live in,” she says, “and Reiki, a gentle, ancient healing technique from Tibet, definitely compliments conventional medicine.”

Roberta says that Reiki sessions can help clients to relax, reduce stress and pain, strengthen their immune systems and balance the body’s energy to enhance the natural functioning of internal organs. Reiki can also assist in releasing suppressed emotions, she adds. In addition to offering treatments, Roberta is looking for students to enroll in her upcoming Reiki class.

For more information, to schedule a Reiki session or register for a Reiki class, call Roberta at 914.720.1108 or contact

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