Halloween & Celtic Feast of Samhain Celebrated at Holistic Wellness Center in Croton-on-Hudson

Opal Moon Celebrates Halloween, Celtic Holiday in 2010

Opal Moon, a holistic wellness center and gift shop in Croton-on-Hudson, will celebrate Halloween and the Celtic feast of Samhain (sow-wen) the last weekend of October.

Events begin at 7 p.m. October 29 with a drumming circle and fire. On October 30 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Elizabeth Matheson will host a mask-making class for children. Betty Sue Hanson will facilitate a group karma release, and throughout the weekend readers will be present to tell futures, the gift shop will offer treats, and Opal Moon friends and staff will lead events celebrating the change of season. On October 31, clinical hypnotist Priscilla Keresey will hold a message circle. “Tradition says that on Samhain, or Halloween, the souls of those who have passed over return to the earth to visit their homes, so this should be a great event,” says Opal Moon owner Christine McEwan. Festivities will close with another fire ceremony presided over by Andean shaman Eileen O’Hare and several Opal Moon practitioners.

The staff at Opal Moon are independent holistic practitioners whose goals are to help people emotionally and physically, McEwan says. “Since our mission is to heal the body, stimulate the mind and nurture the spirit, we offer a large variety of lectures, workshops and events in addition to our foundation of professional services,” she says.

Opal Moon is located at 2037 Albany Post Rd. (Rte. 9A), Croton-on-Hudson, NY, across from Springvale. For more information, call 914.788.4955 or visit opalmoon.net.

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