EMF Protection Becomes Business Opportunity

texting teen

Pamela Cucinell has a passion for living life well. Her friend, Bill Fritz, believes that eating well, drinking “good” water and taking supplements are keys to a long and healthy life. So the two have teamed up to spread the word about GIA Wellness, whose patented products are designed for “living with less stress.”

With “Inspired Energy” products like its electromagnetic field (EMF) guards, GIA Wellness fills a need in the wireless industry, Cucinell says. “These products help you thrive in a stressful, wireless world,” she says. “You can put the guards directly on cell phones, PDAs and Bluetooth devices to mitigate the effects of EMF exposure. They don’t block radio waves—you need those so the phone works—but they provide a bio-friendly field, diminishing stress.” The i-H2O system, another GIA Wellness product, is the only patented technology proven to supply optimal hydration, using an “activation process” that produces three times liquid than “inactivated” water, Cucinell says. “This means your skin and organs gain moisture, with anti-aging benefits,” she says.

Cucinell and Fritz are looking for people interested in joining their team. “We’re offering simple, effective and viable methods for starting your own GIA Wellness business,” Cucinell says.

Statements made about the above GIA Wellness products have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For more information about GIA Wellness, contact Pamela Cucinell at 917.796.6026 or visit GIAWellness.com/pamario; or contact Bill Fritz at 914.772.2595 or visit WFritz.InspiredWellness411.com.

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