Natural, Effective Allergy and Sinus Relief with a Funny Name

Hyun Kim

When herbalist Hyun Kim created Rhino Blaster it wasn’t called Rhino Blaster. It was simply known as “Hyun’s own personal nasal spray to relieve her allergy symptoms without the side effects of traditional medications.” When Hyun discovered how many other people were helped by her formulation, she decided to sell it and find a shorter name. Her friend dubbed it Rhino Blaster, and the name stuck.

Now, those suffering from allergies, stuffy sinuses or the uncomfortable dryness of winter air, indoor heating and airplane climates can purchase Rhino Blaster online, at some local pharmacies and at the birthplace of Rhino Blaster, Za Oh Pyung Acupuncture. Hyun says she wants to hear back from customers who use the product, too – especially if they want to buy another bottle.

Za Oh Pyung Acupuncture is located at 6 Depot Place in Scarsdale, NY. For more information and to purchase the product, visit

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