Yoga Boot Camp starts at Sacred Space Yoga in Somers, NY

Yoga class at Sacred Space Yoga

Sacred Space Yoga is kicking off the New Year with a Mind, Body and Soul Boot Camp series. Laura Jean Polisky, owner and instructor at Sacred Space, says that many students come to yoga because they want better bodies, but they’re often frustrated that they don’t see results quickly enough. The key to creating a “yoga body,” she says, lies in addressing the nutritional, mental and emotional health of a person in addition to teaching the poses.

“So much of our physical appearance and health mirrors what is really happening in our lives,” Politsky says. “Sugar addictions, poor relationships, financial struggles and other stressors can lead us to binge eat and snack obsessively on the wrong foods throughout the day. Eating this way will affect your mental and emotional wellbeing.”

In order to help her students move toward the bodies and lives they deserve, Politsky wants to help them take charge of how they are feeding and treating themselves. She’s offering the Yoga Boot Camp as a four or six week package with the hope that students will continue healthier practices long after the boot camp ends.

For more information, contact Laura at Sacred Space Yoga by calling 914.401.9140, emailing or visiting

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