Finding Balance: The Medicine Wheel Perspective

Susan J. Wright

By Susan J. Wright

Modern life creates many challenges to the balance that most of us need to create in our lives. The ancient, indigenous, heart-centered practice of acknowledging the medicine wheel can support us in understanding what truly creates balance, while helping to maintain it. The Medicine Wheel is round like Mother Earth, reminding us that true balance starts by living in harmony with the planet. Through a healthy practice of giving and receiving, we are living and walking in balance and beauty.

The Medicine Wheel embraces all aspects of our selves, helping us hold our own aliveness and that of all beings in all our collective complexity with compassion. The multifaceted wholeness of our being encompasses our various layers, ego states, archetypes, and other aspects of the self. If you can imagine a circle, like a compass marked with the four directions, you can follow me on this journey of healing.

Standing in the east of the wheel, have your inner Wise-one sense the child that you were from birth to age ten, feeling your body. Ask yourself if there is anything your inner child or your body needs right now. Give this to yourself or receive it from Mother Earth or your spirit guides with gratitude and feel a sense of belonging.

Moving to the south of the wheel, attune to your teenage/young adult self. Is there anything you need for this part of you, or for your emotional life? Receive it with gratitude, feeling a sense of mastery.

Standing in the west of the wheel, focus on your older adult self twenty-five to fifty. Is there any support needed here? Receive acknowledgement for your independence, integrity and capacity to be introspective.

Landing in the north of the wheel, feel your inner elder. Breathe, receive, feel your generosity and act with healthy reciprocity. Give thanks.

Susan J. Wright, LMT, LCSW-R, facilitates a women’s Medicine Wheel ceremony each Monday night at 7:30 p.m.  She is the author of the book, The Chakras in Shamanic Practice: Eight Stages of Healing and Transformation. For more information, visit

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