Apple Tree, a Children and Family Therapy Practice, Opens in Jefferson Valley, NY

Alexa Oth and Jennifer Jackman

Apple Tree, a therapy practice specializing in children and families, has arrived in Jefferson Valley. Clinical Social Workers Jennifer Jackman and Alexa Oth say they work in their clients’ comfort zone—even if that zone is on the floor.

“We encourage children to get on the floor to do what they do best: play,” Jackman says. “We use play therapy, art therapy and therapeutic games, and that gives kids a safe and nurturing environment to explore their feelings. While they aren’t likely to sit on a couch and talk about their lives, they are apt to pick up some puppets and role-play different scenarios that are subtly keying in to important issues.” Jackman and Oth connect with parents/guardians, schools and/or physicians in order to provide an informed, individualized therapeutic plan. They also help older children and adolescents confront their unique challenges, encouraging open discussion. Apple Tree hosts workshops on several themes, including bullying, self-confidence, and social skills.

Apple Tree is not exclusively for children, Jackman notes. “It’s a family-oriented therapy practice that works with individuals to find natural solutions to the obstacles in their lives,” she says. “We’re very much about looking at the big picture.” Apple Tree offers a variety of therapies—including individual, family, group, and hypnotherapy—and will make house calls to help families build a plan for better functioning.

Apple Tree LCSW, PC is located at 3630 Hill Blvd. Ste. 204A, across from the Jefferson Valley Mall. For more information, call 914.302.2858 or visit

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