New Rose Center in Rye, NY, Blends Yoga & Psychotherapy

Lauren Rose

After nearly a decade in a flourishing private practice, psychotherapist Lauren Rose has seen how her clinical work helps people live stress-free, happy lives. As a certified yoga instructor, she knows first-hand the therapeutic effects of this ancient practice. So, charting new ground, she has opened The Rose Center for Mind and Body in Rye, New York, offering clinical psychotherapy services as well as Therapeutic Yoga. “The Center evolved from my desire to integrate the mindfulness, relaxation and stress-reduction techniques I teach to my traditional yoga classes with the insights I’ve gained from psychotherapy,” she says.

The development of a Therapeutic Yoga program was a logical progression from her clinical psychotherapy services, she notes. “Through the integration of asana practice, yoga philosophy and traditional psychotherapeutic techniques, Therapeutic Yoga encourages active physical and emotional participation in healing and personal growth,” she says. Participants work first on self-awareness and self-acceptance; then they can begin to correct ineffective coping mechanisms and behavior patterns. “Many students have not experienced this type of connection between their bodies and their emotions before,” Rose says.  While Therapeutic Yoga can benefit anyone, she says, it also helps those with emotional issues including depression, anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating or body-image issues, and the emotional effects of chronic illness or infertility. The Rose Center offers drop-in Therapeutic Yoga classes as well as individual and group Yoga Therapy.

The Rose Center for Mind and Body is located at 17 Purdy Ave., Rye, NY. For more information, call 914.937.3566 or visit

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