New Harrison, NY, Practice Combines Chiropractic & Nutrition Therapy

A Balanced Approach to Healing with Drs. Michiko & Hiro Izumi

Drs. Michiko & Hiro Izumi

by Kazaray Taylor

At first glance, chiropractic and nutrition therapy might seem like very different approaches to wellness. But for husband-and-wife team Drs. Hiro and Michiko Izumi, these therapies are interactive, working together to enhance a patient’s overall health. The Izumis are the only Westchester chiropractors trained in the Loomis Enzyme System, which they use to diagnose nutritional deficiencies in their patients and create individualized treatment plans to facilitate healing. They also perform Upper Cervical Chiropractic, which promotes balance in the musculoskeletal system, gently correcting any misalignment of skull, spine and pelvis. The Izumis believe nutrition therapy and structural alignment complement one another as proactive ways to restore and maintain good health naturally.

“For any part of your body to function at its best, you need a properly working nervous system, so that the body can communicate with the brain,” notes Michiko Izumi. “Structural balance is necessary for the normal function of the nervous system. We believe that this is why our approach of combining chiropractic and nutrition has been very successful.”

The Izumis opened their new practice in Harrison, New York early last year, after seven years helping patients in Atlanta. Michiko Izumi took some time from her busy schedule to talk with Natural Awakenings and explain how nutrition therapy and chiropractic together enhance overall health.

You offer Enzyme Nutrition Therapy, which goes far beyond diet counseling. What’s the concept behind this type of therapy?

Digestion is the key to your health. To benefit from the nutrients in the food, your body has to process them properly, which means several things have to happen: You have to be able to break the food down, absorb the nutrients from your gut, transport those nutrients to a trillion cells, use those nutrients, and finally eliminate the waste. Enzyme Nutrition Therapy addresses all these steps involved in processing foods, not just the ingestion part.

What are some signs that you might need to supplement your diet with enzymes or other nutritional supplements?

A number of common symptoms can indicate enzyme deficiency. Those include a headache or stiff or sore joints; overeating or craving sweets; heartburn or needing antacids; bloating or constipation; and even psychological symptoms like anxiety, irritability, restlessness, insomnia and depression. Prolonged enzyme deficiency can lead to more serious problems; a poor diet can lead not only to abnormal digestion and elimination problems, but also to inflammation, compromised immune function, an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system, and endocrine problems.

How do you test for nutritional deficiencies?

We use the Loomis Enzyme System, which we’ve found to be extremely thorough and accurate. We start by taking a complete health and diet history. Then we do a structural evaluation, palpatory exams and 24 hour urinalysis, to test for enzyme deficiency. The exams have several purposes. First of all, it helps us determine which nutrients and enzymes you are deficient in, and whether that deficiency is due to inadequate intake or abnormal digestion. It also tells us which part of your body is stressed because of the deficiency. We use this information to determine the best way to correct the deficiency. Usually, corrective action is a combination of diet modification, enzyme supplementation, and structural work. Our exam doesn’t diagnose disease; instead, it reveals the underlying causes of your health problems.

You specialize in Upper Cervical Chiropractic, which focuses on the upper-neck area. So how can this very specific treatment enhance overall structural balance?

This chiropractic technique only adjusts the top bone of the spine, called the atlas. But the technique can affect the entire spine, for a couple of reasons. First, remember that your head is as heavy as a bowling ball! If it isn’t in the proper position, your entire body has to compensate to stay upright. This causes your spine to twist and turn. When we adjust that top bone, putting your head in the center, the rest of the spine realigns itself. Second, any misalignment in the upper-cervical area puts pressure on your brain stem, which controls the tone of the postural muscles—that is, the muscles that help support your spine. So we can restore overall structural balance by removing the pressure off the brain stem.

All illness and disease develops when a body suffers prolonged stress, losing its ability to maintain balance, says Michiko Izumi. “The body is a self-healing organism, but it can heal itself only if we restore that balance, structural and nutritional,” she explains. “We designed our unique combination of Enzyme Nutrition Therapy and Upper Cervical Chiropractic to create the best opportunity for the body to heal at the optimal level.”

Drs. Hiro and Michiko Izumi are located at 550 Mamaroneck Ave. Ste. 103, Harrison, NY. Attend their free Digestive Health Lecture, 7:30pm on March 8 or 22, 2011.

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