Astrology for March 2011 with Pamela Cucinell

Pamela Cucinell

Spring and Spawn
Create a clear vision of goals on March 1 and 2 and be open to serendipity. March 3 sets a contemplative mood. The Pisces New Moon on March 4 spawns a productive cycle for arts, service and communications. Connect to community on March 5 and avoid confrontation on March 6.

Fasten Your Seat Belt
Strong foundations on March 7 ensure quick results. March 8 highlights focus. Initiate a long-term project or seek financial advice/assistance on March 9. Take your time on March 10, regardless of differences of opinion. March 11 triggers the coming years of change with Uranus in Aries; be prepared for the unexpected and reassess decisions on March 12.

Wound Up Tight
Arguments stem from restlessness on March 13. Compassion goes a long way on March 14 and a shared meal builds alliances. March 15 encourages animated conversations. Calculated risks lead to an eventual showdown on March 16. A workout releases frustrations on March 17; delay St. Patrick’s Day partying until early evening, when sobriety rules. On March 18, concentrate on your breath or take a walk to alleviate stress.

Like a Virgin
On the March 19 Virgo Full Moon, pay attention to the details of projects already in motion. We welcome the Spring Equinox on March 20; listen deeply to encourage new growth in partnerships. Go with the flow and partner with your heart on March 21. Avoid starting anything that involves finances on March 22; simply research options. Relationships are prickly during the day on March 23; by evening, meet people to reveal the best parts of yourself. On March 24, messages are met with enthusiasm.

A Kiss from Venus
The exotic feels blissful on March 25; create it in your mind if you can’t make it happen in reality. Productivity is high on March 26 and compromise is possible on March 27. March 28 emphasizes concerns with the financial market and related unrest, but new information turns around any negative spin. On March 29, you can make a difference through groups, meditation or volunteer action. Mercury goes retrograde on March 30. Avoid signing important contracts and making electronic purchases in the weeks that follow until the retrograde ends on April 23.  March 31 is a perfect day to mail your tax forms to the IRS, if you want them to be accepted without question.

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