Start Spring Cleaning with a Colon Hydrotherapy Detox — Special Pricing Through March 2011

Spring cleaning starts from the inside out at An Ever Clean Life, which is offering a “Get Ready for Spring” colon hydrotherapy detox special through the month of March.

The special includes $10 off the regular price per session and $50 off the regular price for a series of three sessions. This offer expires at the end of March.

Colon hydrotherapy is an excellent complement to any cleansing and detoxification program, says Elaine Rubin Zeitter, owner of An Ever Clean Life. “Whether you are starting a juice cleanse, a detoxification program or a new eating program, or just getting ready to clean up for spring, colon hydrotherapy is a great way to help remove toxins accumulated in the body and assist in restoring balance,” she says. “Detoxification also helps to jumpstart weight loss, battle lack of energy and fatigue, and cleanse the skin.”

For details and more information on the “Get Ready for Spring” detox special or starting a new cleansing program, contact An Ever Clean Life at 914.409.7760 or visit

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