Intravenous Vitamin C as an Alternative Treatment for Cancer

Dr. Michael Wald & Dr. Nilay Shah

Vitamin C delivered intravenously is gaining ground as an adjunct treatment for cancer, says Dr. Michael Wald, who along with Dr. Nilay Shah offers intravenous vitamin C at Integrated Medicine & Nutrition in Mount Kisco, NY.

Although there have been conflicting studies over the years on the use of vitamin C for cancer treatment, most of the studies have used oral administration, says Wald, director of nutritional services at Integrated Medicine & Nutrition. “Oral vitamin C, like vitamin C pills and orange juice, cannot reliably reach cancer cells at killing doses as intravenous vitamin C can,” he explains. “Intravenous vitamin C also has helped patients with many other conditions beyond cancer, such as arthritis, heart disease, infections, fatigue, joint pain and intestinal disease.”

Known as the “Blood Detective,” Wald lectures about cancer and nutrition and has written more than a dozen books, including his latest, The Blood Detective’s Guide to Longevity & Weight Loss, due out soon. He works with Shah, director of medicine at Integrated Medicine & Nutrition, to create a “metabolic map” of their patients, revealing patterns of disease and dysfunction that can be missed by allopathic doctors. “We work with our clients, and communicate with oncologists, towards developing the most comprehensive healing plans possible,” Wald says.

For more information about the holistic services offered at Integrated Medicine & Nutrition, call 914.242.8844 or visit Integrated Medicine & Nutrition is located at 495 East Main St. in Mount Kisco.

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