Supreme Meditation Begins “Journey to Joy” Weekend Retreats May 14-15, 2011

Acharya Kedar

Supreme Meditation, the Spanda School of Yoga Science, will launch its newly formatted “Journey to Joy” weekend retreats with a Shaktipat Intensive May 14-15. Led by meditation master Acharya Kedar (“Acharyaji”), the intensive is designed to facilitate the spiritual initiation known as Shaktipat, or full Kundalini awakening. “It is a sacred, life-changing event that can catapult participants into a life of spiritual transformation,” Acharyaji says. “It offers the joy of living, even during daily, mundane activities.”

Participants in a Supreme Meditation Shaktipat Intensive will learn all of the principles and practices necessary to maintain a daily spiritual practice that will nurture and transform, Acharyaji says. “These principles and practices serve to deepen a meditation experience and a spiritual life, regardless of where you’re at or what level you feel you are on,” he says.

For more info and to enroll, visit and click on “Weekend Meditation Retreat” in the box at the bottom of the home screen. Contact Supreme Meditation at 860.354.9516 or

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