Marking a Great Year for an Alternative Pharmacy in Mahopac

The family behind Lake Mahopac Pharmacy & Surgical

Lake Mahopac Pharmacy & Surgical is celebrating its one-year anniversary as Mahopac’s hometown pharmacy. Husband and wife co-owners Nagi Wissa, RPh, and Paula Chamoun say they are amazed at the amount of support and gratitude they’ve received from local residents. Customers from other parts of Putnam and Westchester counties are also traveling to the pharmacy, not only for the extra attention that the owners provide, but also to learn about and try alternative remedies.

Lake Mahopac Pharmacy offers specialized prescriptions, along with herbal and homeopathic remedies. Wissa and Chamoun pride themselves on continuously updating and expanding their line of natural remedies. They report that many people are turning to natural beauty and health products and without understanding all of their options and the ways in which alternative remedies interact with various medicines. Lake Mahopac Pharmacy & Surgical provides both education and advice as it continues to expand its line of products. They also offer a popular medicine recycling program and free delivery, in addition to accepting all insurances.

Lake Mahopac Pharmacy & Surgical is located at 559 Rt. 6, Mahopac, NY. For more information call 845.208.0424 or visit

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