Be a Natural Beauty, Inside and Out with Organic Hair & Skin Care, Massage & Acupuncture

Helen and Jonathan Thaler

Helen Thaler, who with her husband Jonathan owns Nature’s Organic Hair, Skin Care, Massage & Acupuncture Studio, says she sees many women do exactly the wrong thing in their quest for younger-looking hair: They turn to harsh, chemical-based commercial products and dyes. “These strip hair of its natural nutrients, leaving it dry, frizzy and lifeless,” Thaler says. “And the colors tend to be overly bright—obviously not natural.”

A stylist and colorist for more than 25 years in Toronto, Thaler has offered organic, all-natural colors, highlights, perms and straighteners since she began. These products deliver results, like 100-percent grey coverage, without damaging hair, she says. Because she believes in “proper nutrients and positive, loving energy” for the skin and body, as well, Thaler also offers healthy, natural skincare products and services, providing free consultations on hair, skin and body. Her organic treatments can correct pH imbalances caused by unhealthy chemicals.

Jonathan Thaler has been a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist for 22 years. He incorporates shiatsu and craniofacial therapy, yoga, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and acupuncture (including cosmetic acupuncture) to help clients de-stress and live healthier. He custom-tailors each session to his client’s individual needs. “Helen and I often share clients and help transform individuals inside and out,” he says.

Nature’s Organic Hair, Skin Care, Massage & Acupuncture Studio is located at 1220 North Ridge Rd., Shrub Oak, NY. To make an appointment, call 914.528.8770. Mention this news brief and receive 15 percent off any product.

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