“One Diet Does Not Fit All” – Weight Loss Specialist Neda Smith at Full Circle in White Plains

Neda Smith

Neda Smith, a specialist in weight loss and optimal health for adults and children, has expanded her business and is now working at Full Circle Family Care, 1241 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains. She also practices at 200 South Broadway, Suite 201, in Tarrytown.

As a functional diagnostic nutritionist, certified metabolic typing advisor, and holistic health coach, Smith identifies the body’s weak and strong systems, and then uses this information to develop customized food plans for her clients. “The purpose of the metabolic type program is to stimulate, strengthen and support the weak side of the control system,” she says. “This helps to restore homeostatic balance and metabolic efficiency with the strong, or dominant, side.” Smith’s individualized programs include guidance on food portioning and types of food, optimal exercise, eliminating food cravings, and stress reduction. That leads to permanent lifestyle changes that can help prevent or reverse a number of diseases while boosting energy and mental acuity.

“Obesity is a strong indicator of malnourishment,” she notes. “Often, overweight people are deprived of the appropriate foods and nutrients that satisfy their hunger and normalize their metabolism. Even if someone is consuming foods and supplements of the highest quality, it is entirely possible the individual is deficient in the vital nutrients needed to obtain this balance. One diet does not fit all.”

 Neda Smith is available as a lecturer or to design individualized programs. For a consultation, contact her at 914.421.1500 or 917.881.3181, or Neda@NaturalNeda.com. For more information, visit NaturalNeda.com.


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