June 2011 Astrology Column

Pamela Cucinell

Planet Watch with Pamela Cucinell for June 2011

New Insights
If you feel stuck, the June 1 Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse triggers insight. Stoke it for a few days to see where it leads you. On June 2 begin a project in communications and/or with a sibling. June 3 bodes well for taking on a challenge. Dynamic conversations on June 4 bring inspiration. On June 5 it’s a good idea to hold back on commitments until you know the follow-through. Pride in what you do won’t disappoint on June 6.

You Decide How You Feel
If you feel short-changed on June 7, think about the things you love in your life. Avoid tangents on June 8. Texts or tweets are fun on June 9, but turn off devices to focus. Things come together on June 10, especially in areas of litigation or negotiation. On June 11, put on your party clothes or grab a picnic basket for an impromptu outing. An unexpected distraction on June 12 could be just what you need…or not.

Getting Eclipsed
The harder you push, the harder it gets on June 13. On June 14, analyze the difference between what you want and what you need. The Sagittarius Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse on June 15; don’t curb your enthusiasm at the cost of your passion or neglect moderation by moving too fast. June 16 brings surprise news and June 17 brings luck through people you know. Multi-tasking is not productive on June 18; if details are missed, the end results don’t go well.

Summer Solstice
This Father’s Day, keep your commitments to a minimum. Stay flexible in spite of stubborn opposition on June 20. Be conscious of what you want to create on the powerful Summer Solstice of June 21. Be aggressive as a spiritual warrior and understand your values. Make artwork, swim, dance, or see back-to-back films on June 22. If you have to work that day, file or follow up rather than initiate something new. Connections are made quickly on June 23. Cut through negotiations on June 24.

Life is a Banquet
On June 25 enjoy the pleasures of life. Connect to the earth on June 26—garden, stroll, or hold hands. The benefits magnify when you do bodywork or a martial art on June 27, and June 28 brings new stimuli. Conversations have greater depth on June 29 and rewards come to the curious. On June 30, savor at least one meal with your favorite people (or pets!) in an environment you love.

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