July 2011 Astrology Column

Planetwatch Column with Pamela Cucinell for July 2011

Pamela Cucinell

Get Eclipsed
The July 1 Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon stimulates desire for family. On July 2, choose your priorities for satisfactory results. There is great potential for endeavors begun on July 3. July 4 begins the season for fresh food, homegrown fun, and water pleasures. Launch new projects on July 5, especially for health, pets or service. Avoid new starts or critical conversations on July 6.

The Pulse of Power
On July 7, roll with variables for eventual success. Practice detachment on July 8; there is no person, thing, or occupation you can’t live without. Launch a message for rewards on July 9. Watch Harry Potter films or enjoy another intense experience on July 10. The day is filled with opportunities and possibilities on July 11. On July 12, explore, but don’t expect to find anything you seek on.

Work that Moon
On July 13, do something constructive, instead of ruing loss. The work ethic continues on July 14 with an uphill climb. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 15 highlights the contrast between work life and family. People are open to experimentation on July 16; do something new for you. Communication goes awry and misunderstandings ensue on July 17; don’t take it personally. Linear-thinkers do best to go with the flow on July 18, when magic abounds.

The Lion Stretches
Rose-colored glasses tint perception on July 19 but not everyone is happy. On July 20, the timid feel emboldened and the bold don’t look back. Don’t move too fast for authority or sidestep a responsibility on July 21. On July 22, assess any situation wisely and weigh concerns. A garden party or a stroll through the shops satisfies on July 23, when the Sun enters Leo; let important conversations simmer instead of boil. The more emotional someone is on July 24, the less likely they are to see eye to eye.

Blue Moon
On July 25 and 26, have that conversation to get your point across. Baby yourself the evening of July 27. On July 28, see where you can get your needs met. Don’t overwork anything on July 29; allow yourself some playtime. July 30 brings a second new moon, this time in Leo. If a revolution resonates within your soul, act on it.

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